More Condo’s on the Horizon for the Castro

The Castro and the City are experiencing an unprecedented building boom as we’ve noted in several past posts. According to very reliable sources two more hot pieces of property are now up for sale in one case or has sold and been approved for more condo, apartment or mixed use space.

Sullivan Funeral Home is for sale at 2254 Market Street near Sanchez. This property would be quite a coup for who ever lands it. Sullivan’s has been in business at that location since 1924, run by three generations of the Sullivan clan. The business is one of the traditional fields of the Irish in San Francisco. Immigrants who came to the City tended to group together in specific fields. The Irish concentrated on construction, civil service in SFPD or SFFD and funeral homes/cremations. The huge double lot includes a massive parking lot and the building itself that is over 30,000 square feet. This amount of space boggles the mind when thinking of what kind of impact developers could try to sell to the Planning Commission and MUMC.


Older pix of Arco as noted by these low gas prices.

Arco Gas Station, 376 Castro, has been sold and is slated to have a six story, twenty four unit building built in it’s place. This brings the third closure of a local filling station in the Castro in the last five years leaving the neighborhood only one choice for petrol needs. Supposedly within these building plans there will be dedicated ‘community space’ and affordable housing units. You might recall last year the Arco gas station owner caused quite a stir when he allowed Sarah Palin to rent his sign space to advertise her much ballyhooed bus and book tour that was scheduled to land in San Jose. The sign was paint bombed several times and the event turned into a complete bust.

We’d be interested to hear how the community feels about all of these new builds going on and the loss of infrastructure type businesses like gas stations to them. Feel free to comment. We look forward to your input. Stay tuned as we keep you abreast of more proposed construction and rehabs around Castro.


Waiyde Palmer

Waiyde Palmer loves San Francisco, social activism and punk rock(ers). His work has appeared in Handbook Magazine. SF Bay Times, The Advocate, Diseased Pariah News and American Music Press . He also has an extensive and repeatedly redacted FBI file.

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2 Responses

  1. We need more affordable and senior housing and less condo developments. I am sorry to see the gas stations that have been closing so that condos can be built on their emptied sites. Concerned that the area will be too congested, and we'll miss a sense of openness as more and more buildings are erected.

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    • Waiyde says:

      Bobbie-this rampant development doesn't seem to take into account the already horrible parking situation in the Castro, the humanity crowding each other or how over priced all these developers are making these new builds. The density of the neighborhood is a real concern that never seems to be addressed. Sup. Weiner seems quite content to help these new builds anyway possible-he did take over 50K in contributions from landlords and develops during his run for office. Where is the affordable housing and public space that is suppose to accompany new builds mandated by law?

      Additionally with only one gas station remaining for blocks and blocks-the closest other now being Fell & Divisadero-what's to keep the owners from price gouging? It already has the some of the highest prices in town.

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