Board of Supervisors narrowly approve city-wide ban on nudity in preliminary 6-5 vote

Supervisor Scott Wiener talks to the media about nudity ban via SFist

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors narrowly approved Supervisor Scott Wiener’s city-wide ban on nudity in a 6-5 preliminary vote today.

Supervisors in opposition to Wieners city-wide nudity ban said that the ban would draw on limited police resources and eat away at the city’s reputation for tolerance. Supervisor John Avalos of District 11 said that he was voting against the measure because he was, “concerned about civil liberties, about free speech, about changing San Francisco’s style and how we are as a city.”

The ban amends the San Francisco Police Code by adding Section 154 to prohibit nudity on public streets, sidewalks, street medians, parklets, and plazas, and on public transit vehicles, stations, platforms, and stops, except as part of permitted parades, fairs, and festivals. Violations of the ban would risk a $100 fine, repeat violations could lead to a $500 fine and a year in jail.

While the ban makes exceptions for events like Folsom Street Fair and Pride, it does not allow for your average, run-of-the-mill, kinky community fundraisers or parties.

Last week, nudists retained attorney Christina DiEdoardo to file a class-action lawsuit against the city in the case the nudity ban passed citing that a ban would “infringe on the nudists’ right to free speech.”

A final vote on the ban is expected to come next week.

Roy McKenzie

Roy has been a Castro resident since 2010 and is passionate about drag queens, bicycling, and food. Follow his babbling on Twitter.

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6 Responses

  1. If I lived in San Francisco, I would work hard against the reelection of the 5 Supervisors who voted against the ban. Even so this is the 21st century, it should be more civilized then stupid. The creeps who want to walk around nude in public should have their heads examine. Where is common sense, I am even disappointed that there is exceptions for the Pride Parade and street fairs. Those are on public lands and should be respected as well as entertaining. Free Speech is not nudity… and the lawyer who represent the nudest also needs her head examine! What next, free speech for Nazis?

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    • Waiyde says:

      It's that kind of 'open minded' thinking thats squeezing the life, fun, color and good 'ol freaky/odd out of this City a little more every day. PS-Nazi's do have free speach. It's guaranteed in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

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  2. @EmperorAndoe says:

    There are 88,000 municipalities that ban nudity. There's one little plaza where it's common in one 7×7 municipality where it was legal. People won't rest until they drain all of the color, vitality and uniqueness out of this city and it's a shame.

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    • Ramón says:

      You're absolutely correct. I've lived on Castro Street for decades, and I've been dismayed to see wave after wave of people move into the area and expect it to conform to what they knew back in the burbs or their featureless uptight villages.

      One of the first couple I ever met in this neighborhood purchased their home in 1943 as newlyweds. The lady, Irene grew up in the Castro and she was thrilled when gay men and women moved into the neighborhood and revitalized the area.

      On any given day I can go to Rossi's, Cliff's, Walgreens, Delasole, and restaurants without giving "nude" people a glance or a second thought. If I can do it, so can everybody else.

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  3. Thank you to Supervisor Weiner for finding a non-issue and making it an issue. Harvey would be so proud…….

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  4. polla says:

    Ban Scott Weiner’s Yoga Flip Flops!

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