UPDATE: Sunday Parking Meter Enforcement Now Starts Jan. 27th

Lovely Rita Meter Maid

Michael Cabanabuan of SF Gate blog, City Insider reports, that despite the ominous news reports and the high-pitched whining, nobody got a ticket for failing to pay a parking meter on Sunday in the Castro and SF other neighborhoods.  About 4,000 cars were issued warnings in multiple languages that parking meters will be enforced beginning Jan. 27, but no tickets were written.

Although Sunday had been promoted, mourned and cursed as the end of a 65-year-old tradition of free parking at meters on Sundays, payment was optional, though the meters were activated.

The Municipal Transportation Agency‘s initial plan was to start writing tickets on Jan. 6 but officials decided to stick with having parking enforcement officers issue warnings, verbal or printed, to cars parked at meters for the first three Sundays of the month.

“The idea is to have a transitional period to get the word out,” said Paul Rose, an agency spokesman.

No citations will be issued, even to those who have already received a warning, until Jan. 27, Rose said.

Our advice here at the Castro Biscuit is get a bicycle and avoid the drama altogether. Read SF Gate’s full post here.


Waiyde Palmer

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3 Responses

  1. Matthew says:

    You know, if they say that traffic warrants metered parking on Sunday, then why is it that MUNI still makes Sunday’s their lightest day?

    Seems a bit ironic doesn’t it?

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    • Waiyde says:


      Yes. MUNI’s self described ‘Lazy Sunday’ bus schedule doesn’t engender citizen’s to ride since it takes nearly twice as long to get back and forth between destinations.

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  1. February 24, 2014

    […] part of the Mayor Ed Lee’s plan to rescind the Sunday parking meter enforcement that started last year, the SFMTA is looking for ways to recoup some of the $9 million windfall the meters (and ticketing) […]

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