Huge Prop 8, DOMA Rallies set for Mon in the Castro. Tue and Wed at CA Supreme Court Bldg

We Want Equality!!Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday represent three historic days for marriage equality advocates throughout the United States. The US Supreme Court will be hearing oral arguments on the constitutionality of California’s Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively.

Wear red to the vigils and marches to symbolize your solidarity.

Wear red to the vigils and marches to symbolize your solidarity.

Nearly 200 vigils and marches in support of marriage equality are being held in all 50 states on the eve of these historic hearings. Buses from many major cities surrounding Washington, DC will be making runs to the US Supreme Court for people who don’t have a way to get there.

A vigil in the Castro will be held Monday, March 25th, at 6:30PM at Harvey Milk Plaza followed by a march to the steps of City Hall. Organizers of the March for Equality vigil, including Billy Bradford, Patrick Connors, and Cleve Jones, have lined up some DJ’s to help keep the crowd lively during the march to City Hall. Gay couples, some married and some not yet married, will be telling stories about their struggle for marriage equality on the steps of City Hall. Supervisors Scott Wiener and David Campos will also be speaking.

On March 26th and 27th, vigils are being held at the California Supreme Court building (350 McAllister) from 4-8PM. Organizers are asking folks to maintain the vigil late into the evening if possible and to also wear red as a symbol of solidarity.

Volunteers spreading the word for the March for Equality event on Monday

Volunteers at 18th and Castro spreading the word for the March for Equality event on Monday (credit: Joanie Juster)

Organizer Connors said, “This may be one of the last times that we, as a community, will be able to gather in support for marriage equality.” Volunteer Justin Taylor noted that many marriage equality advocates may have missed opportunities to speak out and do something in 2008 when Prop 8 was voted into law and that this is everyone’s chance to join in solidarity in support of marriage equality.

You can check out interviews from volunteers and advocates sharing their stories about why they’ll be attending the March for Equality on Daniel Aragay’s YouTube page.

A final decision from the Supreme Court is expected in June.

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