HBO to Start Shooting New Queer Themed Series in SF & Around Castro

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SFist posted that HBO, the GLAAD awarded, “most Gay friendly”, cable giant will start to film its new Queer themed series around San Francisco and the Castro this coming week beginning April 1st.

The as yet, untitled, comedic, character driven series, focuses on a gang of thirty something friends, modern (read hipster-esque) members of the Rainbow Tribe as they wind their way through life and its many tribulations here in the Gayborhood and around the City.

(Hello!) Jonathan Groff

(Hello!) Jonathan Groff

Slated to lead the cast is former Glee bad boy, 28-year-old actor, Johnathan Groff, whose perfect mix of mischievous and wholesome now comes in a newly worked out and even sexier package.

Additional talent in the series writing department provided by Micheal Lannan. He produced this years Sundance Film Festival moment of wow, ‘Leather Bar Interior‘, directed by the always Queer friendly James Franco, a deconstructed, re-imagined homage the 1980, Queer classic, Cruising‘.

Mr. Lannan also worked on ‘I Want Your Love, the outside the box thinking porn film set in SF that was banned in Australia. The HBO comedic pilot is also supposedly based on a script he wrote called Lorimer.

David Marshall Grant

David Marshall Grant

Also tapped to help captian this episodic ship is Tony nominated actor, writer and producer, David Marshall Grant. For those Biscuit readers with a long and sharp television memory Mr. Grant has the distinct, ground-breaking honor of being one of the first actors to play a Gay character on the small screen who broke censorship taboo and was shown in bed with his date during an episode of ‘thirty-something’ in 1989.

Hes also the producer of the now cancelled, much heralded, multi season, ABC series Brothers & Sisters. In that series Mr. Grant incorporated a priciple Gay character into nearly every story line who managed to promote the new dream of a mainstreamed and accepted Gay life: successful lawyer, married to a hottie, adopt a precocious child of color and wrestle with a myriad of modern-day homo issues like, ‘if I wear Prada every day does that make me nelly or just rich’?

Shooting is rumored to jump off over at Dolores Park first-unknown exactly where-up on the ‘Gay Shelf’ or ‘Hipster Hill’? The show is also looking for local extras, bit players and other talent for small roles that are both union and non-union. A list of casting needs can be found here. One role that caught my eye:

MALE STRIPPER, 20′s-EARLY 30′s, CAUCASIAN, actual stripper/exotic dance experience important for this Role! Will be a “Dancing Bear” stripper performing at a party; must be willing to strip from “shorts” to “Bikini Briefs”.

The part pays $838.

Uh. HUH. Suddenly I hear a rush of feet running to their closet to pull out the perfect g-string, White Party inspired Speedo and queuing up their favorite cut from the new Crystal Castles album to work on their dance moves. The Biscuit recommends a quick re-watch of ‘Magic Mike‘ to see how to do it up proper.

Regardless of whoever is lucky enough to land ‘Dancing Bear Stripper’ the Biscuit welcomes HBO’s cast and crew to town. We appreciate the influx of bucks the production drops in local coffers, your obvious intelligence for recognizing how our beautiful City is the perfect back drop for the new show and we wish you nothing but success.



Waiyde Palmer

Waiyde Palmer loves San Francisco, social activism and punk rock(ers). His work has appeared in Handbook Magazine. SF Bay Times, The Advocate, Diseased Pariah News and American Music Press . He also has an extensive and repeatedly redacted FBI file.

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  1. What great news about today’s Castro featuring in an HBO series.

    So here, in case you’re a reader who likes to know “how the way we are is a factor of the way we were,” here is a classic “mini-series,” written in an award-winning book by a local San Francisco author, about the rise of the Castro, “SOME DANCE TO REMEMBER: A MEMOIR-NOVEL OF SAN FRANCISCO 1970-1982.”
    The Lammy Award Finalist. Paperback and Kindle.
    Browse through the book at Amazon or at the author’s website. Enjoy!

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  2. HOB can afford to pay her strippers more than $838. They know enough desperate queens trying to make rent will line up that they don’t have to do any more than that, but they could very easily.

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  1. December 22, 2013

    […] the HBO series filmed in the Castro and throughout the City that we’ve been following since inception, has released a second longer trailer touting its comedic Queer boy […]

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