Campos Compromises-Terminal Not SFO to be Renamed in Milk’s Memory

Harvey Milk stencil by SF artist Jeremy Novy

Harvey Milk stencil by SF artist Jeremy Novy

As the Biscuit has reported several times since January, Supervisor David Campos (District 9), introduced the idea of renaming SFO in honor of slain civil rights leader and Castro icon, Harvey Milk. Now it seems the powers that be have come up with a compromise solution-a terminal within the airport to bear his name instead of the entire facility.

There have been heated debates, rallies and an outpouring of community support for the idea alongside some very organized opposition to Campos’ plan.

While the late Supervisor Milk and his legacy are revered in some circles others felt he didn’t deserve such a magnanimous gesture of having the airport re-tagged in his honor. Campos’ had five votes sewn up from fellow Supervisors to move forward with his rebranding bid but the all important sixth deciding vote eluded him. That vote would have to be supplied by one of the freshmen Supervisors and none seemed convinced it was in their constituents (or perhaps theirs political) best interest.

Note Terminal 1 the unofficial selection to be renamed for Harvey Milk. Photo: FlySFO.

Note Terminal 1 the unofficial selection to be renamed for Harvey Milk. Photo: FlySFO.

Becoming convinced the job would be a raucous, uphill battle where the final decision for the name change would be placed before City voters in an off-year November ballot initiative Campos worked with Mayor Ed Lee to find a compromise-renaming one of SFO’s terminals in Harvey’s memory.

The plan now stands a committee composed of members hand-picked by the Board of Supervisors and the Mayor’s camps representing both of their interests would put together a proposal for how to make this all happen and come back with solid plans and goals within the next three months.

Supervisor Campos’ dream of having visitors to our City pass through Harvey Milk Airport has been whittled down, but, he believes his main goal-of teaching and honoring Harvey’s dream of equality and hope for all-can still be realized via the terminals prominence and position.

Which terminal is to be selected still remains to be seen. Currently Terminal One is amidst a remodeled and may be the easiest to transition in signage and other alterations to carry the late Supervisors moniker.

-Reminder the State of California’s official Harvey Milk holiday is May 22nd. Local celebrations are planned. Click the link to see what’s happening locally in the Castro.

The beautiful shrine to Harvey Milk assembled by members of the SF political club named in his honor-Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club

The beautiful shrine to Harvey Milk assembled by members of the SF Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club at the 2012 Milk/Moscone Anniversary March at Castro and Market. Photo: Waiyde Palmer

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  1. rblack says:

    Harvey Milk is certainly worthy of such an honor, but the compromise feels like a let down – like Campos has settled.

    I hope our politicians can walk and chew gum at the same time, but I’d rather the hours of time he’s spent on this issue had been spent on more critical issues.

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