Bead Store location getting new tenant

Bead StoreThe old Bead Store location (417 Castro Street) is getting a new tenant. According to a SF Planning Department building permit notice the new place will be a limited restaurant space doing business as Dapper Dog.

No beer or wine will be served from the new restaurant and there are no proposed changes to the buildings facade. We gave permit applicant Bassel Khoury, whose address lists him in Belmont, CA, a call to get some deets on the format of the new place, but have not received a call back yet.

Our best guess, given the name and the relatively small size of the place, is a gourmet hot dog and sausage shop. Interestingly enough, around the corner next to Magnet there is a building for lease that for a short time had a piece of paper in the window that read “hot dog shop.” Perhaps Khoury had been scouting around the Castro and found the old Bead Store a better location. It certainly gets a lot of foot traffic. Just a guess. We’ll keep you in the loop!


Roy McKenzie

Roy has been a Castro resident since 2010 and is passionate about drag queens, bicycling, and food. Follow his babbling on Twitter.

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23 Responses

  1. rblack says:

    [insert sausage double entendre here]

    Seems like a good fit. Something other than a slice of pizza for a quick bite.

    I thought at one time a sausage shop was going under the Castro Country Club. Did I dream that?

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    • Mark says:

      I believe the man who bought the building the Country Club is in, was going to open a sausage shop in the garage space. I thought there was some work going on a while back. So you weren’t dreaming, gonna have to walk by and see.

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  2. sjg says:

    A couple doors down next to Slider’s, a food place named “Eureka” is opening. It will be serving “coffee, tea and ice cream”, according to the sign.
    Apparently, they are aiming to capture the coffee and tea crowd that is vastly underserved by the lack of available coffee and tea options.
    I believe the transformation of Castro Street into a marginal food court is nearly complete.

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  3. Matthew says:

    I hope they sell foot long dongs!

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  4. jmel says:

    The Castro is (seriously) in dire need of an ice cream / fro yo place.

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  5. Peter says:

    “The Castro is (seriously) in dire need of an ice cream / fro yo place.” Yes, that would be nice, but note that the chocolate truffle shop on 18th, just up from Mollie’s, does also sell ice cream and (I think) sorbet.

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  6. Peter says:

    “What businesses would you like to see opening in the vacant storefronts in the neighborhood?”

    I can’t be alone in noticing that people seem much more readily able to specify what business they *don’t* want in the Castro vs. the ones they DO want.

    I can think of several business that would be great additions. A specialty butcher, for example. A bakery. In Noe Valley there’s a bakery that manages to coexist with a Whole Foods right down the street. Why can’t we have one? Too many carbs?

    An art gallery would be nice. It’s rather odd that the Castro doesn’t have a single one, unless you count Magnet. A non-GAP shop selling well-made men’s clothes that don’t cost an arm and a leg (*cough* Unionmade) or appeal strictly to the QBar crowd (*cough* everyplace else).

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    • ls says:

      FYI, there is a small art gallery, next door to the travel agency called “Now, Voyager” on 18th street.

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    • Jenn says:

      There is also a newish store called Local Take on 17th (at Castro) featuring all independent designers. Tons of original art, art prints, mens clothing, housewares and lots of other cool stuff.

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  7. I miss Andy’s Donut Shop so much, I’m like a bird with a broken wing.

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  8. Joe says:

    The place next to Magnet is owned by neighborhood villain Les Natali. I believe his space along with the “Bean Store” space is too small to adhere to CURFFL, California Uniform Retail Food Facilities Law. Unless to going to be dogs off a electric grill roller, same as 7-11.
    By the way, I’m still taking bets that the Patio won’t open until 2022. Anyone want some of the action??

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  9. Mitch Mansfield says:

    Notice how the small spaces are getting some interest, yet large spaces like The Patio and the old Under One Roof space just sit there empty? No independent businesses can afford the huge rents demanded in the Castro.

    Maybe the owners are not evil, instead just business men waiting for an influx of condo owners to justify their huge rents. If you have owned a building for decades, waiting another decade is not that big of a deal.

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    • ls says:

      Maybe prospects are reluctant to jump into large spaces, because from January 2014 and September 2014 the whole 2 blocks will be a mess while the street will be redesigned. I believe, once the street will be done, none of the spaces, big or small, would be empty.
      They should see ahead and grab those spaces now… after it would be too late !

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  10. Peter says:

    “Opps, BEAD Store.”

    Hey, why not a BEARD store? It’s like Tehran around here, what with all the beardies… so why not a whole shop dedicated to beard trimmers, beard dye, moustache wax, etc.?

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  11. Sean says:

    Speaking of dogs: I wish the on-life-support Pottery Barn could be converted to another Pets Unlimited Veterinary Center. Yes many homos have adopted actual children these days, but still the vast majority of ‘our kids’ are our pets. A fantasy I know since it probably wouldn’t be economically feasible. But at least it would be something of actual use for the neighborhood. And a positive influence as well.

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  12. Peter says:

    Sean – that’s a GREAT idea! I’m not a pet owner (unfortunately — my landlord won’t allow it), but I can imagine it’s very inconvenient to have to schlep your dog or cat to the nearest vet, esp. if you don’t have a car.

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