Castro Dist. 8 Legislative News Round Up

Supervisor Scott Wiener, who serves the Castro via his District 8 seat, has been busy, as always, with a variety of issues that directly affect or have ripple effects into the Castro. His office sends us press releases and updates and we thought readers might want to know the skinny on what’s poppin’ on his agenda down at City Hall.

Double parking commuter nightmare. Photo: SFStreets.Blog

Double parking commuter nightmare. Photo: SFStreets.Blog

DOUBLE PARKING: Sup. Wiener takes on the Don Quixote issue of double parking in the Castro and the City today, Oct. 1st. As we posted previously Sup. Wiener –like countless Supes before him– has windmill charged the task of change regarding this issue. This meeting will focus on enforcement of double parking (or lack thereof) and the impact double parking has on vehicular traffic flow, bicycling, MUNI, and pedestrian safety. SFMTA and SFPD will be on hand to report on City policy regarding double parking, detail how double parking impacts other modes of traffic, explain current enforcement policies, and report on citation statistics for double parking. If you have an opinion for/against or ideas on how to improve the current needs or the impending impasse we will likely face from the new Castro St. redesign, head down to City Hall for the Land Use & Economic Development Cmte. Rm. 263, 1:30 PM.

Bay Area Bike Share bicycle

Bay Area Bike Share bicycle

BIKE SHARE: As we posted, the Bay Area Bike Share (BABS) program is finally up and running between Civic Center and the Embarcadero, but as we noted earlier this month, the Castro and many other neighborhoods were left out of the bike rental equation. On Sept. 17th Sup. Wiener called for a meeting asking the SFMTA to detail plans on how they will expand the program of 350 bikes –soon to be 500– to include even more. The Supe had already struck a resolution via the Board in the Spring instructing SFMTA to figure out how to build off the pilot BABS program.

SFMTA will be asked to report on specific performance metrics for the pilot program like number of rides, rides per bike, and membership totals. MTA will also provide near-term expansion plans as well as next steps for a full build-out of the system, including cost, locations, and funding strategy. This meeting will take place at the Land Use and Economic Development Committee that Wiener heads in October.

Collingwood Dog Park at the Eureka Valley Rec Center. Photo: Betsie Miller-Kusz

Collingwood Dog Park at the Eureka Valley Rec Center. Photo: Betsie Miller-Kusz

OFF-LEASH DOG PARK RULES: The City has been contending with new off-leash guidelines pertaining to dogs on Federally controlled land like Golden Gate Park’s Chrissy Field and Fort Funston. The Golden Gate Recreational Area’s Dog Management Plan has been criticized by dog owners and walkers for its massive restrictions on space use. Losing that space pushes the dog owners and walkers into the already over crowded small City parks and dog runs like Collingwood Dog Run located next to the Eureka Valley Recreational Center in the Castro.

The Supervisor is hoping to sway the powers that be by holding another hearing like the one he held in 2011 that was used as spring-board to adjust the National Park Services policies with what would actually best serve the City and its dog owners.

“The goal of this hearing is to make sure the public understands how this proposal will affect San Franciscans’ access to GGNRA properties,” said Supervisor Wiener via his press release, “We also need to understand what will happen to our city parks as dogs are pushed out of federal parks. I’m eager to discuss what changes have been incorporated in the revised plan based on public feedback and how we can work to encourage GGNRA’s goals of protecting natural habitat and also providing recreation for all park visitors, including people with dogs.”

Sup. Wiener has been heavily involved in regulating the SF Dog Walker industry and is well-known in that community. Whether or not this hearing will have any effect over the GGNRA or not remains to be seen since the last one did little to alter the tenor of their proposals.

Waiyde Palmer

Waiyde Palmer loves San Francisco, social activism and punk rock(ers). His work has appeared in Handbook Magazine. SF Bay Times, The Advocate, Diseased Pariah News and American Music Press . He also has an extensive and repeatedly redacted FBI file.

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15 Responses

  1. Sanchez Resident says:

    Great idea regarding the double parking issue. With the upcoming Castro Street changes, double parking will be a major impact to traffic on the two blocks within the project scope.

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  2. DerekSF says:

    There are those who can’t be bothered to find a place to park, for example when someone double parks outside 17th & Noe Market and blocks the F Line (All too common), and should be ticketed.

    But what about FedEx, UPS and tractor-trailer trucks that bring food and goods to places we do business with? They have a legitimate need to make deliveries and nowhere else to park. Are we willing to give up 3 spots per block for loading zones to accommodate those large trucks?

    Also are there any laws on what times deliveries can be made? I use to live near 7-11 and their 1am delivery truck frequently woke me up.

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  3. Luke says:

    i would be surprised if bike sharing is a success. San Franciscan use bikes to commute withing the city not really to take rides. at $88 annually, $22 for three days or $9 for 24 hours, it’s does not make sense financially because you can get a nice bike for $150 to $200.

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    • ls says:

      Not everybody can store the bike and afford it to be stolen (even if only costs $150). This bike share is a nice additional option. Also, some might start with the bike sharing, get hooked and eventually buy their own precious bike.
      I dont know if it will be a success, but hopefully it will remind people that biking is accessible, and could be a nice alternative to car (parking) or even muni.

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      • rblack says:

        If they’d put a station in the Castro, I’d definitely ride it up and down Market St. instead of taking MUNI.

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  4. Ramón says:

    I think there are seven condominium projects currently in construction with perhaps two to three still in the planning stage. I’d like Supervisor Wiener to tell us what his office is doing to address the imminent increase in traffic. What has he told the agencies about traffic flow and what has their response been? What are they doing about avoiding the gridlock that’s sure to follow if the current patterns aren’t tweaked; turn arrows, safer pedestrian crossings etc.
    Why hasn’t 16th street at Market gotten left turn arrows? Why can only three to four vehicles get through 15th street at Market? The latter intersection is graded D, yet three new condos will be crowding that intersection soon.
    Why can only three to four vehicles cross Market on 14th street headed east? What happens to that intersection when increased traffic heads to Whole Foods?
    I haven’t seen any enforcement of the red lanes on Church; are taxis exempt?

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    • Waiyde Palmer says:

      Taxi’s are free to use red lanes as they are considered public transport and can use all lanes marked with a diamond or special color code within the City.

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      • Ramón says:


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        • Luke says:

          These are great questions Ramon. I could not agree more. I hope the traffic at Dolores and market will not be congested to the point where it blocks the F line once wholefood is open. It’s pretty bad already making a left from market onto Dolores + delivery trucks on 14th.

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    • ls says:

      Does someone know if the Uber and other Lyft can use all lanes too ? (I would assume not).

      There will likely be more traffic. Whole Foods alone might be the biggest issue in term of traffic. Most of the new constructions have .5 parking/garage spot per unit. We will see if newcomers park in the street or maybe some will just give up on car…

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    • sjg says:

      Great questions, Ramon. Maybe a question we could add is:
      Why do these major intersections lack even clearly marked pedestrian crosswalks?
      These intersections are poorly maintained, street signs inadequate, and crosswalks invisible to drivers.
      We need to demand more from the City and our Supervisor when it involves our safety.

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  5. Luke says:

    On a different note there seems to be something happening at the location where Home used to be. Have they found a new tenant?

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  6. The GGNRA’s leash policy doesn’t “push” dog owners into city parks, it just requires them to use a leash.

    People who break the rules and let their dogs run free have already ruined Ft Funston for the rest of us. I hope GGNRA stands firm and keeps the rest of our shoreline from being overrun.

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