Greystar to present new build to DTNA tonight, all invited

Greystar Development's vision for their new building at  2198 Market St. at Sanchez. Front view.

Greystar Development’s vision for their new building at 2198 Market St. at Sanchez. Front view.

The Duboce Triangle Neighborhood Association is inviting the Castro community to their general meeting tonight at 7PM where Greystar Developers will be giving the keynote presentation with their plans for the upcoming 87-unit build at 2198 Market Street located next to the Swedish American Hall on the north side of Market Street (where the Christmas tree lot used to be). If approved, the development will be the third of three developments taking place at the intersection of Market / Sanchez / 15th Street.

2198 Market Street SiteThe DTNA wants to make sure certain items are included in the plans by Greystar before final approval from the Planning Commission. These include:

  • A better design that meets the community’s approval and the standards of the Upper Market Development Design Guidelines including a 25% rear-yard set back to keep new builds from towering over their lower, older neighbors (see page 7 of the above linked guide).
  • Inclusion of 11 affordable housing units rather than opting to contribute to the City fund, as many other developers throughout SF have done, that will be used at some later date at undisclosed locations to erect affordable housing.
  • A nationwide non-discrimination policy. (Of the 35 states where Greystar has properties, only 14 require policies protecting the LGBT community.)

If you feel passionate about the design/implementation of the structure or its lack of affordable housing inclusions, consider heading to the meeting and supporting the DTNA this evening over at Davies Medical Center Gazebo Room from 7-9PM.

Roy McKenzie

Roy has been a Castro resident since 2010 and is passionate about drag queens, bicycling, and food. Follow his babbling on Twitter.

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16 Responses

  1. hopefully for people to live there they first have to sign a waiver stating that they’re aware that there’s an existing music venue next door so they can’t complain about the noise.

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    • DerekSF says:

      Totally agree. I believe that happened with a new Condo that opened up next door to the Eagle. And Family’s moving into the Castro complaining about Porn in window displays. You should know what you’re getting into when you choose where you wish to live.

      The Bacon Bacon smell is a little different, that wasn’t a pre-existing situation.

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  2. DerekSF says:

    Why is contributing to the city fund a bad thing?
    The $5M fee Icon paid could be used by the city to house considerably more people then the 2-3 units they would have had to set aside under the 15% rule.

    If you’re worried about gentrification, on-premise BMR units can’t be reserved for LGBT residents, that would be discrimination.

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    • What housing has been produced from the contributions made to the city fund?

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      • Waiyde Palmer says:

        22 new BMR units at 1600 Market were built by the developers of Linea, the new build below Mint Hill on Market, to keep from having to have BMR w/in their midst.

        These units are sold based on income. For example if your single and make 50K p/yr you could qualify to purchase a 1BDRM for around 205K that’s roughly 700 sq/ft.

        Visited the units Sat and frankly-in my opinion- found them badly designed and poorly constructed. It was the first day of showing and paint and door was already chipped. The best units are the corner ones.

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      • Tom K. says:

        Exactly. I would like to see the accounting and administration of said fund. “Contributing” to a fund avoids the intent of the legislation. It exempts the developer from including the affordable units in – or adjacent to – the structure (can’t have poor people dragging down the property value, nor those pesky disabled low-income people).

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      • I don’t understand what would garner 3 down votes on this question….but I do appreciate the two replies.

        Am i reading that application correctly – a household of 2 would be ineligible for BMR housing at 1600 Market if the combined income exceeded approx $65k?

        How would a couple making that much money afford to have saved $$ for a down payment, let alone afford monthly mortgage and HOA costs and eating and paying a cable bill or buying clothes every now and then??

        Tell me I am misunderstanding something please.

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  3. Mitch Mansfield says:

    It’s kind of fun watching DTNA play Planning Commission. I hope they get it right this time. I so wish we were getting a Trader Joes instead of a CVS.

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    • Patrick says:

      If the affordable h ousing is included, will the HOA dues be the same as the market rate units? Those can be quite a chunk of change.

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      • Sanchez Resident says:

        Patrick – The Greystar project at 2198 Market consists of rental units. I think one and two bedroom apartments. There isn’t an HOA fee for rentals.

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  4. Sasha says:

    As a Castro resident, my concern is that I’m seeing a lot of below-market-rate buildings going up in SOMA and the Tenderloin. My fear is that this effectively makes the Castro a place where only wealthy people can afford to buy homes, and we’re in essence telling people who can’t pay market rate that they need to live in SOMA or the Tenderloin. I think it’s important for our community that we ensure that there’s housing available at all income levels right here.

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  5. Shane says:

    My partner and I can’t afford market rate units and don’t qualify for before market rate units. Tell me, what’s wrong with this picture? Seems to me like that the middle class is being pushed out. IMHO.

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    • That’s pretty much how it always is in SF. If you’re homeless or a millionaire, the politicians will take care of you. Everyone else is hosed.

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  6. Evan Genital says:

    Hope the DTNA makes sure that either a pharmacy or a bank is the main commercial tenant. Hate that I can’t find either within feet of that corner.

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