More coffee coming to the Castro: Réveille Coffee Co.

Reveille Coffee location at 200 Columbus

Reveille Coffee location at 200 Columbus (photo: Jeff F. via Yelp)

San Francisco-grown coffee company, Réveille Coffee Co., is planning on opening their second SF location in the Castro on 18th Street between the Mix Bar and Poesia. Réveille started out as a coffee truck (in a converted DHL van) a few years ago in Jackson Square and opened its first brick and mortar location last November at 200 Columbus Avenue.

Reveille egg sandwich

Réveille egg sandwich (photo: Emily S. via Yelp)

The coffee company is ran by two brothers, Tommy and Chris Newbury, and they serve up Four Barrel coffee and espressos from different regions around the world. Their cafe location at 200 Columbus was big enough to allow them to start serving breakfast and lunch food stuffs that include items like a braised kale, fried egg sandwich with gruyere on Della Fattoria levain for breakfast and a chopped salad with romaine lettuce, peppered salami, hard boiled egg, provolone, cannellini beans, parsnips and carrots topped with a red wine vinaigrette for lunch.

Réveille Coffee Co. coming this Winter (4080 18th Street)

Réveille Coffee Co. coming this Winter to 4080 18th Street (photo: Roy’s wet camera phone)

The signs in the windows surrounding the recently renovated “garage” of the victorian at 4080 18th Street read that Réveille Coffee Co. should be opening this Winter. We reached out to the Newbury brothers for details on the Castro location (like if they will be relegated to just the garage) and to find out if they would be serving food. We will let you know what they say. If their 200 Columbus location is any indicator, the Castro location will be very clean, open and stylish (check out the photos of the Columbus location).

In the meantime, we now have one more coffee company getting ready to enter a now packed market of coffee shops opening soon.

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Roy McKenzie

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16 Responses

  1. vodem says:

    I hope some of these new coffee shops will serve top quality baked goods. That’s one of the biggest things the Castro lacks. Although the (expensive) muffins Dante’s Table is serving in the morning are pretty spectacular, I don’t think any of the other a.m. coffee shops have really good baked goods, not even Spike’s.

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  2. Matthew says:

    I had no idea that Castro meant “area with a lot of coffee shops”.

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  3. sjg says:

    It may fare well if they have outdoor seating in that driveway area. Starbuck’s really doesn’t have much seating outside. As far as another coffee place opening, it just seems like yet another step in the homogenization of the Castro.

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  4. rblack says:

    What’s the deal with businesses opening up in garages? Does anyone know how this works in terms of the Planning Dept?

    Castro Country Club garage is going to be a tapas restaurant, and now this garage is going to be a coffee shop.

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    • sjg says:

      I assume that if the space is renovated and meets current building codes, it can be permitted as a commercial space. Since technically it is not be used as a garage, its not a garage. (I’m guessing)

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    • BruceW says:

      It may be a conditional use permit, or perhaps it’s allowed as of right (just not sure). But on a block in which most of the properties are commercial, it seems commonsense to allow garages to become commercial as well, and I’m glad to see that SF is allowing it. In addition to adding commercial space, it also removes a curb cut and adds at least one street parking space. The few garages on that stretch of 18th have always seemed unfortunate, at best.

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  5. Ramón says:

    Bah! Bring back Rolling Pin Donuts! The huge maple frosting and “barbarian” creme rectangular thingie, chased with a liberal dose of Tums or Rolaids was all a man could want in the way of a sugar rush.

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  6. Elsewhere says:

    You had to go and mention maple frosting, didn’t you? Was there ever a sugar rush so sweet as a Rolling Pin donut? (OK, Bob’s Donuts on Polk Street, Rolling Pin was just a walk down the block.)

    I though I had read back in September that Illy had failed to obtain the proper permissions in order to open in the Castro, but I can’t find the outcome of their meeting with the city anywhere on line.

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