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Daddy's expanding into the old Tibet Shop

Daddy’s expanding into the old Tibet Shop

Correction: Poesia is open for business today not closed for long renovations as earlier posted. The Biscuit spoke with on site workers who might’ve confused our inquiries with extensive work going on directly below the restaurant. The work is completed and they’re ready to meet all you dining needs.

Daddy’s Barbershop (4102 19th St.) is expanding into the store next door vacated by the now closed Tibet Shop.

The space is currently being renovated to expand Daddy’s from one small shop into a larger, double wide store front that will accommodate ten barber stations once work is completed.

If construction goes well and time tables are kept you can expect to see the beefed up barbershops debut sometime in mid-January. The business is still open during the remodel.

Worn Out West (582 Castro) has closed its original location that it occupied for nearly three decades following the sale of the store’s building. They have consolidated their gear into their second retail space, Worn Out West 2nd Generation (2352 Market St.).

You’ll find the same knowledgeable staff, great deals, unique apparel, and loads of leather, uniforms, and rubber items at the now packed to the gills Market Street location. Stop in and give it the once over when you’re out doing your holiday shopping.

Poesia Restaurant (4072 18th St.) is temporarily shuttered while it goes through an extensive renovation. If you walk by you’ll see that part of the eateries space has been taken down to the studs and a large new window has been cut out of the wall facing Castro St.

Renovations are forecast to last for a few more months. Expect the neighborhood favorite to reopen in the Spring of 2014. Until then try their sister location, Dante’s Table (544 Castro St.), to get your local Italian food fix.

Wells Fargo's new branch mural.

Wells Fargo’s new branch mural.

Wells Fargo Castro Branch (557 Castro St.) recently unveiled a photo montage mural composed of momentous milestones in SF LGBT history.

The floor to ceiling image located on the wall directly to your right upon entering features LGBT icons Harvey Milk, The Widow Norton Jose Sarria, Harry Hay, plus Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin as well as an assortment of other celebratory Queer moments in time. Stop by and check it out.

In the spirit of the season Herth Real Estate (555 Castro St.) is assisting the SF Firefighters’ annual holiday toy drive by collecting toys for in need children at its Castro office.

SF Firefighters have been running this charitable drive since 1949 and they hope, with the public’s generous assistance, to make the 2013 toy collection the most successful in its history. If you want to pitch in can drop off new, unopened, unwrapped toys at the company’s office anytime during operating hours up until December 19th.

Becks Motor Lodge (2222 Market St.) is currently upgrading a portion of the establishments rooms.

The Castro’s largest boutique hotel rooms are stuck in an early 80′s time warp style-wise and due for an update. Beck’s owners are taking advantage of SF’s slow period in tourism to bump up the interiors. Expect work to be completed by Spring.

Beck's Motor Lodge rooms are mid make over.

Beck’s Motor Lodge rooms are mid make over.

Finally this Summer’s media hyped and anticipated re-opening of the long shuttered Patio Cafe appears to be nothing more than rumors – as many of the Biscuits readers comments predicted – following initial speculation on its return to the neighborhood business community. Summer and Fall have come and gone since the Biscuit and EBAR both printed posts regarding the once popular restaurants possible re-opening.

Permits were issued and, according to City records, everything required to operate was obtained by prolific Castro property owner Les Natali, but — as anyone who walks by can attest — nothing new has taken shape. This will make the 13th year since the Patio initially  closed for its first remodeling.

Waiyde Palmer

Waiyde Palmer loves San Francisco, social activism and punk rock(ers). His work has appeared in Handbook Magazine. SF Bay Times, The Advocate, Diseased Pariah News and American Music Press . He also has an extensive and repeatedly redacted FBI file.

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17 Responses

  1. lola says:

    Honestly, what the hell is wrong with Les Natali?? Is there nothing that can be done to persuade him to stop holding that block of Castro hostage? The other businesses in that stretch would benefit immeasurably from an active restaurant/bar space there…it’s so sad to see that space continuing to languish…

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  2. Joe says:

    Congratulations to Arland and Jeff at Daddy’s. Always a friendly, fun place for great haircuts. And a excellent place to find out the latest neighborhood gossip. Thanks guys for filling an empty space.

    As I’ve posted before Lester Natali ain’t never going to open the Patio. Just like he won’t handle his customers after the Badlands and Toad Hall close. Lester is a bitter old queen. He fooled us yet again with false promises. I NEVER drink in his bars, and would suggest Biscuit readers do the same. The only thing Lester is good for, is to remind us older men, never dye your hair, get a facelift or do ton’s of blow in the ’80′s. Lester, I will dance on your grave, then piss on it. This can’t happen soon enough for me.

    I think many of us have had memorable or wish we could forget times with visitors at Beck’s. Nice to see it being managed again by a Beck family member and being invested in.

    While I won’t bank at Well’s the mural is beautiful and you should check it out.

    Poesia, and Dante’s Table do a great job and I look forward to enjoying the remodel.

    Sad to see Worn Out West out of the space they occupied for so many years. But everything always changes.

    The folks at Herth are wonderfully community minded. From flower baskets to Mark McHale raising over $20K for HMCRA. Great job Herth.

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  3. Mikes Ike says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • Joe says:

      Sorry Mike, but I call bullshit on this. It’s not a huge empty space, but a restaurant ready to be opened. Just like he promised, he would. If he’s looked for a buyer, why doesn’t any broker have the listing? The deal he was “offering” partners was, you handle the food, (low profit) and he’ll handle the booze (high profit) anyone with half a brain can tell this is a shitty deal.

      Let us not forget the other empty spaces he has in the neighborhood. The current pop up Under One Roof space, next door to Toad Hall, and 2 residential buildings with 3+ units, that he keeps empty.

      Yes, he is successful, and that success is sponsored by the neighborhood. He fucking owes us MORE.

      Fuck you LES, you are less, less of a man then most.

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  4. Elsewhere says:

    I climbed the stairs a few doors down from Poesia, and when I turned to look I could see all the way to Sacco and Vanzetti.

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  5. Mitch Mansfield says:

    Les does need to do something about that hair, besides what he is already doing to it. Is that a color found in nature?

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  6. rblack says:

    Love these updates – thanks for informing.

    Oh and ya, Les is a total dick.

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  7. Francesco says:

    I’d like to correct the part regarding Poesia restaurant. Fortunately the remodeling is minor we had to replace a window) and it has impacted only one day of operation.
    Poesia is open again for business as today Tuesday December 17th.

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    • Waiyde Palmer says:

      Apologies. I was told by workers on site that it would be longer. They may have been confused and thought I was asking about the space directly below you. Will correct immediately.

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  8. sjg says:

    Wow! The Patio not reopening…didn’t see that one coming.
    All nostalgia aside. The Patio pretty much sucked while it was open for business. The food was awful, the service was awful and Les was the most awful of all.
    He truly has damaged the Castro quite a bit with his empty storefronts, racist profiling at The Badlands and the destruction of The Pendulum.
    He is a sleaze and always has been.

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  9. And the salon Spencer and Company (above Citizen), which has been a salon (under another name) since 1977 unfortunately closed it’s doors in November

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  10. Pickles says:

    Les (LESS?) won’t open any business there because tax laws essentially encourage commercial landlords to keep a space empty to enjoy tax write-offs. He’s gives whores a bad name. Don’t go to Badlands or Toad Hall. Ever.

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    • Joe says:

      Pickles, I to wonder what happened to the anger and pride in this neighborhood. Have we all become so apathetic, glued to our Iphones to even look up? Of course we should boycott Badlands and Toad Hall. Of course we should be demanding SFPD patrol this neighborhood before it’s completely over run with mentally ill, drug addicted homophobes, and out of control bridge and tunnels. It sure wasn’t like this when I got here in ’77. Guys cared for each other and the neighborhood.

      I’d call Les a mother fucker, but I’m pretty sure he is the spawn of Satan.

      I’m up for an informational picket at Badlands and Toad Hall. Just ell me when. Let’s get this fucker where it hurts, his over filled wallet.

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  11. Mitch Mansfield says:

    Les is more negative cash flow. Yes, he is encouraged to keep his properties vacant because sometimes negative cash flow is a good thing.

    Les, we all feel your tax credits. They are a blight on the neighborhood. And giving your space to Under One roof does not make up for all the years of blight. All the years of empty promises. All the years of me not being able to get a Bloody Mary at the Patio!

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  12. SeanC says:

    Since Supervisor Wiener often claims to advocate economically revitalizing neighborhoods, why is he not seeking to say – amend the eminent domain laws regarding vacant properties – to wrest such properties from owners who are willfully allowing them to remain fallow? Or how about establishing a usage time limit? 5 years? 10 years? Or if not something so drastic, a system of carrots and sticks – including increasingly hefty fines – to spur negligent landowners to actually develop their lots? And if they are repeatedly unwilling, forcibly (if necessary) bought out. Just because it’s kept tidy and nondescript doesn’t mean it isn’t still blight. Storefront after vacant storefront intentionally kept from any proper usage is a drag – economically and socially – for the entire neighborhood. It decreases the vitality of a neighborhood and deprives actual (ideally local) entrepreneurs from potentially prospering in those spaces. And the attendant benefits of job creation and expanded tax base.

    Isn’t this also ultimately a “Quality of Life” issue? The community as a whole should not have to endure longterm suffering and willful neglect for one person’s greedy shell game of tax shelters. Of course I am partly playing devil’s advocate. Like most Americans, I do have innate respect for the right to private property. But there are – or rather should be – limits. Sup. Wiener has shown he has no qualms of purging ‘undesirables’ from the neighborhood. Why not start pointing that crosshair at delinquent landowners?

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