Harvey’s closed temporarily

Harvey's Bar & Restaurant mural (photo: Harvey's Facebook page)
Harvey's Bar & Restaurant mural (photo: Harvey's Facebook page)

Update (1/9/2014): We received a note from Steve Porter, General Manager for Harvey’s, mentioning that they need just a bit more time and will be opening up the morning of Tuesday, January 14th.

I haven’t closed the restaurant for more than a single day in 6 years. In that time there have been a lot of things that have worn or broken that we wanted to take the time to fix. We also wanted to give our staff a much needed break. Most of what we are doing is cosmetic work in our dining room. Things are not going to look very different though.”

Thanks Steve!

If you happened to be walking in the Castro and noticed Harvey’s (500 Castro Street) seemed to be shuttered, don’t fret. The restaurant isn’t being closed, shutdown, or forced to move. The bar and restaurant closed this past Monday for maintenance according to their Twitter¬†and Facebook.

The restaurant, bar, event space will open back up this Saturday at 7AM just in time for Saturday morning mimosas, Saturday brunch, and their famous Bloody Marys.

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12 Responses

  1. How could “Harvey’s” be “forced to move” when it is owned by the the landlord, Paul Langley, the very man who raised Harvey Milk’s rent on his camera store from $350 a month to $1200 a month and evicted him from his apartment?

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  2. Thanks for the credit. Happy to help.

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  3. Actually that is totally false. Hearth Real Estate was the guy that was Harvey’s landlord, not Paul Langley. Woody’s and Uncle Donald’s stories haven’t been fact checked. If you are friends with Cleve Jones on Facebook I’d urge you to ask him as he will verify that this is in fact true. You will also see the record being corrected on both Woody’s and Uncle Donald’s websites in the near future.

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  4. And before this turns into an online tiff, I’d encourage you to consider the fact that all the accusations that are being made against Paul Langley both in regard to supposedly being Harvey’s landlord, as well as the alleged court battles that took place during the Elephant Walk closure, are ALL a matter of public record. None of these stories have been fact checked until a third party recently undertook the task of going to the County Recorder’s office and the Civil Court public records to see if any of this was true. I can’t say too much more at this moment, but you’ll see some news about this topic in the near future. And yes, I am the GM of Harvey’s.

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    • After making a trip to City Hall, which I now realize I should have done in 2010, I found that indeed, Paul Langley did not own Harvey Milk’s camera store. I wish to apoligize to Paul Langley, Harvey’s, and Steve Porter for my mistake. As a student of History at SF State, I can only view this as a valuable learning experience. Again, my sincere apologies.

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  5. Matthew says:

    Does this mean the food and service will get better?

    I have eaten at Harvey’s 5x in a 5 year period and the food is always greasy and the servers act like they are being bothered.

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    • Matthew, truly sorry to hear that. If you ever have a problem with the service in the future please contact me immediately. As for greasy, that depends on what you order. A burger should be greasy, a salad shouldn’t. I’d be interested in any comments you have about specific dishes. Hopefully I’ll see you at Harvey’s.

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