The Body Shop shuttered

The Body Shop shuttered (photo: Waiyde Palmer)
The Body Shop shuttered (photo: Waiyde Palmer)

We had many tips come in from readers that The Body Shop (506 Castro Street) was having a going out of business sale and that the store may be closing. This past Thursday, January 9th, the store did indeed close and the windows were covered.

We contacted the store’s general manager, Casey, to find out more this morning. Casey mentioned that he was not given any reason as to why the international cosmetics and beauty supply chain decided to close the Castro location, but mentioned there have been several businesses closing up and down Castro Street. Casey mentioned that many of the locations 6 or so employees would be transferred to other locations throughout San Francisco.

We’ll keep you updated on what moves in after The Body Shop moves out.

via Biscuit tipster Mark V

Roy McKenzie

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15 Responses

  1. rblack says:

    Sad when a business closes, but does anyone really shop at the Body Shoppe anymore?

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  2. Too bad , that’s been open for quiet a while.. And if I remember right 506 Castro street was the original site of the Midnight Sun.. Many years ago.

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  3. bluesparrow says:

    I wonder what will replace it? I hope it’s a coffee shop. The Castro needs more coffee shops!

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  4. Erik says:

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  5. sjg says:

    My contacts in the Castro Merchants Assoc. say there are rumors L’Occitane will being pulling out as well. Its conjecture but my casual observation is that location has never been a high traffic location.
    This just goes to my feeling that the less variety in shopping choices and too many restaurants ( and the endless amount of coffee shops) is not conducive to a healthy, balanced shopping district.

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    • loic says:

      They should try to stick a little longer, who knows what the sidewalk widening could bring ? Valencia after its sidewalk widening got a big increase in foot traffic. Granted that during the construction it might tough for current merchants, but the reward could come after…

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  6. Mitch Mansfield says:

    Independent retailers pulling out, and now corporate retailers start pulling out. Just in time for new sidewalks. It will be interesting to see what the neighborhood looks like this time next year after sidewalk widening and more retail/condo buildings opening up. Lots of vacancies or a vibrant retail shopping area? Vibrant bar, restaurant and coffee establishments yes but a well rounded shopping experience? No is my guess. Lucky Cliff’s.

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  7. sjg says:

    When Diesel pulled out..that was a very good indicator of the overall health of the Castro Street corridor. I really question the wisdom of rescinding the restrictions on restaurant opening back in 2010. As much as chains can drive up rents, restaurants can have the same effect. Valencia Street is now considering a temporary ban because restaurants are driving up rents. Places that sell liquor and can pay higher rents.

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  8. Castro Resident says:

    All these artifical restrictions on retail are taking their toll. Landlords, who OWN the real estate should be able to lease their space to tenants who can reliably pay rent, taxes, etc. This in turn gives the residents more capital to maintain and upgrade their neighborhoods and the landlords more reason to invest in their properties. We should vote on which retailers we want with our purchasing dollars not with legislation that has a plethora of unintended consequenses.

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  9. Moist Pup says:

    The failure of The Body Shoppe probably just marks a dated brand, with a dated product line. I suspect The Body Shoppe’s hay day was the late 90s. This is a mass market luxury brand that no longer seems luxurious, is it any surprise that the canary in the coal mine is the vacating of a store in a gay neighborhood?

    To those who mentioned the Diesel store closing, I would suggest that it is the same issue. The downtown 4th and Market Diesel store is also a ghost town.

    It could also have to do with changing demographics of the neighborhood and the tastes of those who live in it. The population of those who reside in the Castro is probably skewing much older than most areas of the city. Which is great, but it isn’t a twink jeans retailers paradise.

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  1. February 5, 2014

    […] L’Occitane at 556 Castro Street is set to close by the end of the month according to an anonymous source from a local merchants association. If the beauty shop does close it will be the second beauty shop in the Castro to close since the beginning of the new year following The Body Shop. […]

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  2. March 26, 2014

    […] seems to be a tough business in the Castro recently. Beauty stores The Body Shop and L’occitane were just shuttered. Hopefully Dermalogica can persist where others have […]

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