Magnet hosting wellness fair for HIV+ persons over 50


With so much focus on HIV prevention and HIV care advertising geared towards younger people the needs of the aging HIV positive population seem to go ignored. Older folks living with HIV feel invisible and are not sure where to turn when looking for solutions to the effects of living with long-term HIV.

The folks at Let’s Kick ASS (AIDS Survivor Sydrome), SF AIDS Foundation, and 360: The Positive Care Center have decided to put together a day long Wellness Fair that addresses this problem and focuses on the needs of HIV positive persons over the age of 50. The fair will feature seminars on aging and dermatology, depression and post-traumatic stress, memory and cognitive issues, dental health, and medications. Dr. Malcom John, director of 360 at UCSF, will invite participants to join the Silver Project, a research study open to HIV-infected men over age 50 who receive care through UCSF that aims to shed light on the particular medical and social needs of the HIV positive population over 50 years of age and their experiences within and beyond the clinic.

The fair will be held tomorrow, January 26th, at Magnet (4122 18th Street) from 1PM to 5PM. Registration is free.

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  1. KevinSF says:

    OK so basically this was a long infomercial for the 360 Positive Care Center. It was like a time share seminar only with food and everyone wanted to stand behind you and chew loudly.

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