Body Freedom rally ends in police force

Nudity is not a crime

We missed this news over the weekend, but thought readers might like to know about the Body Freedom rally that happened on Saturday at Jane Warner Plaza.

After District 8 Supervisor Scott Wiener’s nudity ban legislation passed the Board of Supervisors with close 6-5 vote and went into effect early last year, Body Freedom activists started holding regular “nude ins” to protest the ban. Most times someone gets nude either at Jane Warner Plaza or Harvey Milk Plaza, is cited, and if refuses to put on clothes is taken down to the Hall of Justice and cited. Peacefully. This past Saturday was the first such “nude in” of the new year, but things went a little differently.

Body Freedom activist George Davis led the rally and decried Wiener’s Legislation. Rusty Mills, an activist who spoke at the rally and filed a report on Bay Area Indy Media, noted that Davis was connecting Supervisor Wiener to housing displacement nefariousness, revealing information about a “$200,000 political donation by a Southern California real estate tycoon to Wiener’s election campaign, and how Wiener, after being elected, began pushing legislation to overturn rent control laws and environmental restrictions affecting real estate developments.”

Davis goes on during his speech to reveal himself completely at which point many of the other Body Freedom protesters follow suit. Police then step in and give the protesters a warning and tell them they have 5 minutes to cover up.

Mills continues, “the police strong-armed their way through the crowd and violently wrestled one of the nude participants, Gamelia Numu, to the ground. Two officers kneed him in the back while two others held him down. Yelling in pain, Numu was handcuffed, pulled to his feet and marched to a waiting police van. George Davis was also handcuffed and led away. [ I was told that Gypsy Taub and Jaymz Smith were also arrested.]”

The protest ended with several Bay Area photographers snapping photos of police pinning a nude man to the ground.

C. W. Nevius at SF Gate reported on it in his usual fashion noting spitefully that the “loony nudists” are the winners here. “Seeing that photo in the paper made the protesters look like they were being roughed up by cops,” Nevius wrote.

SF Weekly’s David-Elijah Nahmod has a full report on it here.

Roy McKenzie

Roy has been a Castro resident since 2010 and is passionate about drag queens, bicycling, and food. Follow his babbling on Twitter.

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27 Responses

  1. mjohnsonsf says:

    1. Jaymz Smith is a cute hipster.
    2. C’mon people. You lost. Get over it. Do something else constructive with your time. You are now really embarrassing yourself and wasting tax dollars.

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    • Peter Sferra says:

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      • sjg says:

        So why don’t any of the nudists “enjoy a naked stroll” anywhere else in the City?
        If this right to nudity is so important, why not choose to spread their message to the Marina, in front of San Francisco Centre, Western Addition? How about Noe Valley?

        The answer is because they are cowards. A bunch of man- babies,trapped in a 70′s mentality and consumed with their own selfish need for exhibition. They have no respect for the majority of residents who have decided this is undesirable behavior.

        If just one had the balls (pun intended) to take a stroll ANYWHERE else but the Castro, they would win my support. But no of them will because they know it would never be tolerated.

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        • Peter Sferra says:

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          • sjg says:

            Again, so why not protest in the Bayview now?
            Certainly, if people must be educated it would make sense to visit other neighborhoods. Why limit the message to a neighborhood so tolerant and trendy.

            As far as children, don’t have them. Never will. Protecting them is someone else’s job. I don’t appreciate that absolute waste of taxpayer resources monitoring these “protests” require. I don’t appreciate the carnival side show the neighborhood becomes.

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          • Peter Sferra says:

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          • Joe says:

            Peter, maybe it was George Davis and Company standing naked in front of the Castro Theater during a showing of “Sing Along Little Mermaid” that changed peoples minds. Don’t blame Scott, this wasn’t a fight he wanted. MANY of us in the community begged him to do something. What harm? talk to the small gay owned business owners in the Castro, hear what their customers were telling them. Unfortunately, you have to count the “Bad Apples”

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          • Peter Sferra says:

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          • douglas says:

            As someone who has lived in this neighborhood for a long time I must say your description of Eureka Valley as always being an” exceedingly tolerant neighborhood” “where folks from ALL alternative lifestyles felt safe” is myopic. You have conveniently ignored most of this neighborhood’s history beginning with our native people. I wish people would stop coming to SF trying to create the made-up Barbary Coast or hippy era they dreamt about in their small towns. If you insist on showing your genitals to everyone, go to the districts under Supervisor Jane Kim or David Campos. They stated they were against the nudity ordinance and are more likely to support your cause. I and my neighbors in the Eureka Valley neighborhood support the anti-nudity ordinance!

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          • Peter Sferra says:

            With all due respect, Douglas, I’m not ignoring anything. I realize the Euroeka Valley has a rich and varied history and I’d never presume to infer that all manner of outside folks should invade your neighborhood and recreate their own fantasies. What I said about the Castro in particular was that it does indeed have a several decades long history of being on the forefront of tolerance. Has that backfired for residents in encouraging more “social evolution” than they may want? Perhaps. All I can say is that for many years (long before nudity was an issue), I’ve personally enjoyed roaming Castro Street and the adjacent areas because I felt like there was a rare acceptance level of alternative lifestyles. Perhaps I imagined more of that than actually existed but the image I saw was a very good one and little of that had to do with nudity.

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  2. Joe says:

    Disregard Police Orders and get arrested. In other parts of the world, this is how it works.

    Haven’t these attention whores 15 minutes been up for awhile? And not go to the Marina to protest? Why does it have to be in the Castro?

    The sad part is, I liked the “Naked Guys”. One guy messed it up for the rest. I’m talking to you, wig wearing, sunglasses, cock ring wearing, public jerking off guy. But for you, this wouldn’t have ever become an issue.

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    • mjohnsonsf says:

      I wonder whatever became of the wig, sunglass, cock ring wearing guy? I agree that it was him that really damaged it for the rest…

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      • sjg says:

        He was really creepy..and he reeked of that cheap body oil he smeared all over himself.

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    • Peter says:

      “And not go to the Marina to protest?”

      Or, for that matter, the repressive Nazi totalitarian police state of Berkeley, which has had a sit-lie law AND a nudity ban for years? Why isn’t Ms. Taub at all concerned about her right to get naked in public in her own hometown?

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    • sjg says:

      I personally think they should assert their god given nudist rights in the Bayview.

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    • Peter Sferra says:

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  3. Patrick says:

    Soooo very tired of these people. They think that they are MAKING AN IMPORTANT POLITICAL STATEMENT, but in reality they are like a bunch of tempermental two-year olds.

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  4. bluesparrow says:

    Grow up and put some pants on.

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  5. Mitch Mansfield says:

    My “bush” is really tired of these folks.

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  6. HOMOgeneous says:

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  7. Thank you SFPD. I’m single and looking for a decent dude with his clothes on, thank you very much! We can get naked later on, in the security and comfort of his million dollar mansion.

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  8. Joe says:

    Gosh, no comment from Woody, telling us how ashamed we are of our bodies? 11 comments PRO arrest and anti- nudity. Perhaps he’s finally realized we don’t want to see his short comings walking down the street.

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  9. I’m not ashamed of my body…but that has nothing to do with parading my junk in front of young kids who might be walking around in our shared, communal environment…and I don’t buy the argument that kids should be OK with adults parading around naked. Kids often don’t understand context and naked is often confused / fused with sexual intent (especially by folks inadvertently or deliberately pushing their weenies over the line, re: wig/sunglasses/cockring guy).

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  10. bluesparrow says:

    I still don’t understand why it’s almost always those with the ugliest bodies who want to inflict them on the rest of us. Cover that nasty shit up.

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  11. critter says:

    it not about anything other than we don’t want to have to look at your hideous nakedness, God you all ugly! where are all the pretty naked people?

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    • Peter Sferra says:

      Such an ignorant and poorly stated comment (from yet another anonymous reader) really doesn’t deserve a response but I feel compelled to say something. There are many things I feel are “ugly” and don’t particularly want to look at on the streets but I would never advocate banning them. That’s not what a free society is about. The notion that all urban nudists are “ugly” is simply hateful and the implication that “pretty” ones would be acceptable to you speaks volumes to your own character.

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    • rblack says:

      You are an ass. Regardless of what you think of public nudity, there is no reason to attack people on a personal level.

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