Pride weekend assault perp found guilty


The San Jose Mercury News reported that Christopher Porter-Bailey, the Oakland man who was caught on video kicking a girl in the face after robbing her of her possessions during Pink Saturday Pride celebrations last June 30th was found guilty of robbery, assault, and battery by a jury of his peers.

Porter-Bailey is scheduled to appear in court again tomorrow for further proceedings and possible sentencing. He is facing up to 8 years in prison.

Roy McKenzie

Roy has been a Castro resident since 2010 and is passionate about drag queens, bicycling, and food. Follow his babbling on Twitter.

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15 Responses

  1. AC94114 says:

    No leniency for this guy, as it was not enough to rob her…he also had to brutally assault her.

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  2. sfjohn says:


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    • Sidney says:

      Absolutely correct. We should all be cowering indoors. What on earth are those drag queens thinking?

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      • rblack says:

        I don’t think anyone was suggesting we cower indoors. However, if we are going to promote these events, more has to be done to ensure those who attend to celebrate are safe from those who wish to cause trouble and violence.

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    • Kevin_BGFH says:

      Pink Saturday in the Castro started many, many years before Halloween was banned. The Halloween shootings were in 2006.

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  4. rblack says:

    This guy was accused of beating on a local resident at Pink Saturday the year before as well, but the police let him go. Glad to see he’s getting what’s coming to him.

    Pride and Pink Saturday last year were a disgrace. So many “outsiders” there to get wasted or cause trouble, not celebrate and be Proud.

    The Community, the sponsors, and the police need a new plan if these events are to continue.

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    • SFyep says:

      I hope all the Punks involve get a harsh sentence. Too many punks use these events to stir crap up in SF and rob people.

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      • sjg says:

        Even if he gets the maximum sentence, it’s more than likely he will only serve a few years.

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        • Kevin_BGFH says:

          Whether it’s a short or a long sentence, when he is released I hope there’s some sort of restraining order that prohibits him coming to the Castro.

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  5. Mitch Mansfield says:

    More cameras!

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  6. Shane says:

    I’ve said this for years, start charging a mandatory $15 – $20 entrance fee…it’ll keep some of the riff-raff away.

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    • sjg says:

      I live right near 17/Noe,. What happens every year is the “riff-raff” start pouring into the Castro around 2-3 pm. That’s long before the gates go up. I agree that the entrance fee needs to be higher, but the gates need to go up much earlier as well so ID’s can be checked (not even sure if they bother doing that). You would not believe the amount of underage “wannabe thugs” that go into the Castro. It’s gotten far worse the last 5 years or so.
      I really hate Pink Saturday, my neighborhood group has tried over and over again to address these issues with the Sisters, we never get any helpful response.

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    • Sanchez Resident says:

      Shane – I don’t think a mandatory entrance fee can be charged when the event uses the public streets. The entrance fees are always voluntary but gets the wearer a discount on beverages.

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  1. March 7, 2014

    […] murder recently perpetrated at our annual Pink Saturday celebration. You may read the article here: Pride Weekend Assault Perp Found Guilty […]

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