Castro Rainbow crosswalk designs released, go vote!

4 crosswalk designs (two rainbow and two...decorative)

4 crosswalk designs (two rainbow and two…decorative)

The Castro Community Benefit District has released their survey showing 4 design ideas for new crosswalks for the upcoming Castro Streetscape Improvement Project that will begin construction end of February / beginning of March.

They are asking for community members to vote on their favorite design and also the location for the decorative crosswalks. Option A (shown above) has 4 different variations depending on how you like your rainbow stripes. Option B is inspired by the Castro Theatre foyer paving. Option C is inspired by rainbow handkerchiefs. Option D is an abstract pattern inspired by the overhead catenary wires. It also looks like a decorative crosswalk at Market and Castro has been nixed and the CBD is asking folks to vote to have the four decorative crosswalks placed either 2 each at Castro and 18th and Castro and 19th or all four at Castro and 18th.

If you’d like to vote in person and see larger renderings, the CBD and the Planning Department will also be seeking the public’s input on the final design and locations in a survey they will be conducting at Jane Warner Plaza this Sunday, February 23rd, from 1-4PM.

Go vote on your favorite here. For people not thrilled with the designs, be warned, I didn’t see an option for “NONE!!!”

Roy McKenzie

Roy has been a Castro resident since 2010 and is passionate about drag queens, bicycling, and food. Follow his babbling on Twitter.

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26 Responses

  1. DerekSF says:

    Horrible choices.

    Bandanas really? I’m just going to be thinking hanky code every time I walk over it. Welcome to Castro, home of piss play, dildos, water sports, fisting, etc.

    I would vote for an Option C without the Paisley Patterns, but it’s going to end up looking like crap without constant steam cleaning and maintenance.

    I would also prefer a single rainbow crosswalk at Castro and Market. Doing all 4 at 18th and Castro is just way too much.

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  2. Area resident says:

    Hi Biscuit-ers,

    Posted this on a previous similar post about the crosswalks. Hope it helps the discussion… Looks like I’ll be choosing option B first:

    “I would advocate for an option that fits the Spanish Baroque-style of the Castro Theatre. Walking down Castro you’ll notice a number of older buildings have a reference to this style (though many are faded and/or partially covered). In addition, though a stretch, the Pottery Barn and eventual building that will replace the RC gas station ( both attempt to reference this aesthetic.

    In all cases referenced we could have a thoughtful conversation about whether these architectural pursuits were successful, but, regardless, there was an attempt at some coherence.

    With all this in mind, some sort of more permanent presentation of the crosswalk would be preferred. Stone, brick, or similar presentation would fit the architecture in the area well. Painted rainbow lines, in my opinion, would be short sighted.”

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  3. I agree with Area Resident and would add that option B (theatre tile) is the most uniquely Castro. You can see lines and rainbows anywhere and even without the crosswalks there will still be plenty of rainbows with all the flags, flags, and more flags.

    I also voted for all four crosswalks to be located at 18th & Castro because to me it is the the heart of the neighborhood. (I think of Market & Castro as our front door)

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  4. Castro Resident says:

    B it is for me. The flag at Harvey Milk Plaza and the banners on the lampposts is enough rainbow IMO. Less is more. If we HAVE to have rainbow crosswalks, confine the damage to the one intersection of 18/Castro and put all four there. Make the “statement” and be done with it.

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  5. Matthew says:

    D looks like one of the numerous drugged/drunk homeless in the area was given a paint brush and some free time.

    But to be honest, these are totally confusing.

    Are we, or are we not having a rainbow crosswalk? What is the option with the spanish tile?

    Or am I missing something? I would rather NOT have rainbow crosswalks. Is that an option?

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  6. Bill Elias says:

    Complete waste of money – and B is only a good choice in comparison to how hideous the rest are. They should spend this money to improve that awful public space where the F-line turns around.

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  7. Hello Everyone,
    i appreciate the comments. Just to let you know, the overwhelming majority of people who participated in the Castro St. Sidewalk Widening community workshops last January and February wanted some kind of decorative crosswalks. They do not have to be rainbow. But we have to hear from people. Also, the crosswalks will not be painted. The product is duratherm
    It is a heat stamped product and the treatment or color will actually be a bit lower than the asphalt. Take a look at the website to understand a bit more. Traditional paint gets dirty and only lasts a few years. Please vote. Thank you!

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    • rblack says:

      Thanks for the clarification.

      Please let’s not turn the Castro into a gay theme park.

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      • sjg says:

        The CBD doesn’t care about making the neigborhood nice for residents. It’s all about junking everything up so the tourists can snap more photos. This really is a smack in the face of the residents of the Castro.
        CBD should be ashamed of themselves

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    • sjg says:

      I have seen these decals applied with the heat process at 18/Church. They have already worn off. Hopefully this will be different,

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  8. bluesparrow says:

    I’m reminded of the great Joan Jett Blakk’s famous quote: “I want rainbow toilet paper, so I can wipe my ass with Pride!”

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  9. Sanchez Resident says:

    If the rainbow is the gay pride symbol why are we walking on it? We would not put the stars and stripes as the crosswalk, why put the rainbow? I think a better option would be yellow brick ala Dorothy.

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    • Mitch Mansfield says:

      I love the idea of yellow bricks! But I’m sure some Dorothy haters would not agree.

      If you hate the finished cross walks, simply keep your head up while crossing and watch for on coming traffic. You might live longer.

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  10. rblack says:

    Where is “none of the above”?

    Seriously, so what if “the overwhelming majority of people who participated” wanted decretive crosswalks? They were a vocal minority. It’s up to the adults in the room to make the decisions on how money can be best spent.

    The Castro CBD has generously offered to donate money to the project, are pretty crosswalks going to benefit the community the most?

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    • Mitch Mansfield says:

      Suddenly the overwhelming majority is your vocal minority. And they weren ‘t even adults. Hmmmm. Lots of judgement going on.

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      • rblack says:

        The overwhelming majority of people who turned up to a meeting, is not the overwhelming majority of the city or even the majority of Castro residents.

        Rainbow crosswalks in the Castro is like mouse ears in Disneyland.

        (I apologize for the ‘adults’ crack)

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        • loic says:

          It is true that the majority of people who turned up to a meeting are not the majority of the Castro residents, but they are the ones who care enough to attend those meetings.
          It is really tough to get people involved… I mean other than online forum :)
          There are lots of public meetings where everybody can bring his concerns or suggestions.
          As Ms Aiello said “people who participated in the Castro St. Sidewalk Widening community workshop” asked for decorative crosswalk. I attended the first Castro Street Design meetings almost a year ago, and yes a majority of people did vote for the decorative crosswalk.
          It is tough to please everybody anyway. Some complain that the Castro is getting too straight. Some say that it is getting a gay disneyland. Some complain that the flag is up, or down, or not the right color. So, while I am not a big fan of the rainbow crosswalk (I voted for the Castro theater design pattern), I will welcome it nonetheless. Because some people asked for it, and some worked to make it happen.
          Let’s talk how we could improve our neighborhood, and let’s do it.

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  11. sjg says:

    It’s an awful idea. Who are we tying to improve the neighborhood for? The residents or the boatloads of tourist who jump off the F train snap photos of the theater, flag and the gays in their natural environment.

    No other neighborhood would tolerate junking up their neighborhoods with garbage like this. Just because some people at a meeting got a woody over bedazzling the neighborhood, doesn’t mean the rest of the residents agree, There needs to be more meetings and more input from the neighborhood,

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  12. sjg says:

    Here is the link to contact Andrea Aiello, Executive Director of the CBD, if you have concerns about turning the Castro into a theme park, expressing your opinion to her might be helpful.

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  13. Paul Allen says:

    It’s amazing that they allow us to vote on something as frivolous as rainbow crosswalks, but on REAL issues that impact our lives, like which businesses can or cannot open in OUR neighborhood, we’re given no say whatsoever.

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  14. Johnny says:

    Why was my comment deleted?

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