Dolores Park north closing next Saturday for renovations, groundbreaking ceremony

Dolores Park Groundbreaking Ceremony

Long planned renovations to Dolores Park are set to begin with a groundbreaking ceremony this coming Saturday, March 1st at 10AM. The renovations will be broken up into two phases to allow half of the park to stay open while the other half receives upgrades. The northern part of Dolores Park will be the first to close (the half starting at 18th Street near the tennis courts to the clubhouse/bathrooms).

According to Uptown Almanac, Jake Gilchrist of SF Recreation and Parks says the entire project is expected to last until the Spring of 2015.

The renovations are set to include upgrades to make the area ADA compliant/accessible, add new designated dog run areas, remodel bathrooms, install new landscaping, and add a desperately needed modernized water drainage and rain shed.

The Dolores Park Works website encourages everyone to come out “before the fence goes up”:

9:00 a.m. –  The Dolores Park Volunteers and DPWorks will rake hipster hill on last time before the dust flies. This will be our moment to thank you, the neighbors, merchants, friends and supporters of Dolores. Coffee and pastry from Dolores Park Cafe.

10:00 a.m. - Welcome Remarks and Groundbreaking Ceremony.

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    The second most popular park in the city getting it’s much needed improvements! Bring it on!

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