Tuesday Business Briefs

Business Briefs

Happy Tuesday folks. Here are just a few business items we noticed as we romped around the Castro this past weekend.

The wraps are off CVS

CVS at 2280 Market Street (photo: Roy McKenzie)

CVS at 2280 Market Street (photo: Roy McKenzie)

It looks like the wraps are starting to come off the new CVS Pharmacy (2280 Market Street) on Market at Noe near Cafe Flore and Radio Shack. Workers tore down the 15-or-so-foot wood wall setup in front of the building during construction to reveal the nearly finished facade. Walking by the past couple of nights I’ve seen the lights on inside and it looked like they only have a few finishing touches before they stock the drug store and open for business. Perhaps we’ll see a mid-to-late March opening date for the new CVS?

Green Surge open

Smoothie in progress (photo: Green Surge Facebook)

Smoothie in progress (photo: Green Surge Facebook)

Green Surge, the health smoothie and salad place we mentioned in our previous business brief located underneath Fitness SF (2301 Market Street), is now open (and has been for a week or so). We hope they can stick it out in the high turnover space and make it work. Consider stopping by and checking them out.

Building permit at old Bead Store

A notice for reserved streetspace for building operations has been placed in the window of the old Bead Store location (417 Castro Street) near Hot Cookie. I tried to pull details on what exactly is happening from the permit lookup site, but it did not list any other details. The permit is good for 60 days and was issued on February 19th. Perhaps we’ll see some movement in the storefront soon? UPDATE: As one of our commenters pointed out, a permit to change the building use from retail to food/beverage handling was approved in December of 2013. The permit notes that there are proposed electrical and plumbing changes in addition to “INSTALL CAFE EQUIPMENT”. I think if another coffee space comes into the Castro our readers are going to lose their shit. We’ll keep you updated. UPDATE 2: One of our readers spoke with the owners of Lisa Hair Design next door and apparently the location is slated to be a hot dog/sausage joint. We’ll keep you posted!

Roy McKenzie

Roy has been a Castro resident since 2010 and is passionate about politics, camping, and food. Follow his babbling on Twitter.

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31 Responses

  1. DerekSF says:

    417 Castro CEQA says “Change in Use from Retail to Limited Restaurant”
    Hopefully not another coffee shop

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  2. According to Lisa (the hair place next door) it’s going to be a Sausage or Hot Dog Store. The person opening it is the Son of the owners of the Nail salon.

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  3. Liv says:

    Thanks for the update. Radio Shack announced that they will be closing about 1,100 stores. I wonder if the one on Market will stay open. Does anyone know what is going on at the ex Blue location? What about Weaver coffee? Are they still planning to open?

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    • I walked by Blue last night and the “For Lease” sign is still in the window. I don’t think there is any movement there. As far as Weaver’s there was a building permit to be approved by Feb 2nd if there were no requests for review submitted. I’ll see what I can find.

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    • rblack says:

      I always get really good service at the Radio Shack – I hope they stay open.

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  4. rblack says:

    I’m kind of annoyed CVS wasn’t required to update the entire building as part of the agreement to let them in.

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    • loic says:

      Any particular update in mind ? I was pleasantly surprised that they redid the facade (my expectations were low I guess).

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      • rblack says:

        It’s not finished, so I reserve judgement, but I think it will look old to have the new facade next to the old 70s-ish looking one.

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      • Along with the Radio Shack section, no changes are being made on the Noe Street frontage where the parking garage is located along with an awkward 60s split-level stairway to a sunken back entrance and the walls set at slight angles so trash, pigeons, and homeless collect in the corners.

        I think the big value here is the Market Street frontage is broken from one long building into three smaller ones more to scale with the neighboring buildings.

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  5. Jim says:

    Not very impressed with the CVS makeover – guess I had higher hopes. I think the building looks less attractive now – if that was possible.

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  6. Jim says:

    Green Surge is cool by the way – I tried a one day cleanse and now I plan when I can to try a 3 day. The products are good and the people are very nice.

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    • rblack says:

      Good to hear – I always forget to put money in my shorts on the way to SF Fitness.

      That photo is seriously unattractive though.

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  7. Castro Resident says:

    CVS – Yet another “pharmacy”, AKA “General Store”, that happens to fill prescriptions. And this is not FORMULA RETAIL? Trader Joes would not have been better for the vibrancy of the community?

    How could anyone have “higher hopes” for CVS. They have 7,600 stores. They are fine at what they do, but it is pretty formulaic.

    For the folks who fought so are to keep Trader Joes out….I would recommend that you take a walk around CVS after it opens, take a look at the merchadise and judge for yourself what was accomplished.

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  8. Mitch Mansfield says:

    Does DTNA stand for Dangerous Totalitarian Neighborhood Association? It should…..

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    • KevinSF says:

      In my limited associations with DTNA most of the members I met were daily drivers with one or more cars per household. Their #1 priority, seemed to be keeping anyone but residents from parking on “their” streets. Trader Joe’s was a threat to their free street parking.

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  9. sjg says:

    It’s time to move on.

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  10. bluesparrow says:

    Gosh, the Castro has everything I could want: porn, coffee, nail salons, cheap Greek food, and now my choice of pharmacies to pick up my Truvada.

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  11. Sanchez Resident says:

    There is an alcohol sales license notice posted at 2200B Market for S&T Revelry Holdings. 2200B is the part of the Century Building ground floor retail that is not the Bandidos restaurant. I think Bandidos is 2200A Market. I did a some searches and S&T Revelry Holdings is Tiffny Vergara Chung and Shawn Vergara. These are the principle holders of the Blackbird Bar at 2124 Market.

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    • rblack says:

      Cool. I wonder what they have in mind for that space.

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    • Interesting. I was going to say it’s Bandidos, but you’re thinking it might be another business. It’s possible Jesse Woodward is partnering with them, but I think the LLC’s name was different. Thanks Sanchez Resident. I’ll see what I can find. Let me know if you find out more!

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      • Sanchez Resident says:

        Thanks, Roy. If you peer through the rips in the plastic over the windows you can see a partition wall that breaks the retail space into two areas. The new alcohol license posting is in a window that is part of the section closer to Beck’s. There is a double door on Market for this section, too. The license says beer-wine for the 2200B business. I think that Bandido’s is using Leticia’s full liquor permit for their establishment which would allow them to have a full bar and not just beer and wine.

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