New Outfit for the Castro

New Outfit location (432 Castro Street) (Photo: Roy McKenzie)
New Outfit location (432 Castro Street) (Photo: Roy McKenzie)

Walking through the Castro yesterday evening I noticed some guys working in the old Injeanious space (432 Castro Street), bringing the long vacant retail space back to life. I took a peek through the windows and saw Outfit branding on the wall with their signature metal on wood decor. Outfit operates two other high-end retail clothing shops in the Castro (463 Castro Street and 4079 18th Street).

I called one of the stores this morning to find out when they were opening this new location and if the new shop was replacing another shop in the Castro or was in addition to their other locations. The guy on the phone could not tell me much, but he did hint that the two other locations would stay open while they launched the third and that eventually one of the old stores would be closed. No firm opening date was provided, but expect the new Outfit to open by the end of the month.

This former Injeanious space is much larger than the current shops (probably larger combined even) and with the new Castro streetscape set to be completed in the Fall, the new location will be a sweet spot for shoppers who come into the Castro.

New Outfit location (432 Castro Street) (Photo: Roy McKenzie)

New Outfit location (432 Castro Street) (Photo: Roy McKenzie)

Roy McKenzie

Roy has been a Castro resident since 2010 and is passionate about politics, camping, and food. Follow his babbling on Twitter.

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10 Responses

  1. Paul T. says:

    I have no problem with Outfit (I’ve purchased items there on several occasions even), but three locations in the Castro seems excessive. The regulations on formula retail have been used to prevent Starbucks from opening more stores in the Castro; are they being applied unfairly?

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  2. Local says:

    I’m with Paul. While I’m glad to see that space become occupied and I’m especially glad that it will not become a restaurant or cafe (enough of those already), three outlets in the Castro for this one business seems excessive. Though I do note that the article says that they’ll close one, once this store is up and running. Hold them to that!

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  3. Matthew says:

    (I can’t help myself)

    I hope this new Outfit will be serving coffee!


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    • Will says:

      I know we’re not supposed to like coffee comments, but this one is funny! :)

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  4. Mitch Mansfield says:

    Outfit can open up as many locations as they want in the Castro as long as the store previously was a non-food retail establishment. The only time the Planning Commission can get involved is if there is a change of use permit or it the business is “formula retail”. Outfit won’t become “formula” until they have eleven locations in the Castro.

    The feeling that rules are not being applied fairly is understandable, but not at all the problem.

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  5. AC94114 says:

    I think your use of “high-end retail clothing shops” is a little off-mark, Roy. ;-)
    Overpriced does not equal high-end.

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  6. Marilyn Andres says:

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    • Mitch Mansfield says:

      You are saying Wiener stopped his interest in filling district vacancies because of campaign donations. How do you know this? Set yourself free from this notion unless you have some good reason to believe. Struggle with your thoughts no more!

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  7. Ryan Hill says:

    Actually the new store is no going to be another OutFit. It’s going to be a new shopping – entertainment concept, with underwear models, a runway, and a drag queen host, all will some OutFit favorites, including our underwear, but also there will be a bigger focus on our locally designed and made house brand, where we will be incorporating ideas not only from our fashion savvy staff, but also letting customers have a hand at it to, feeding us ideas in something we are calling the Castro Community Fashion Design Initiative. (More on that later as we are still working out the details.). Also, with our new concept, will be a new name, KNOB’S, which is a pun as the sign will b surrounded by reclaimed antique and vintage do knobs, akin to styling made famous by Anthropology. Anyways, point is that you are correct in saying their Castro doesn’t need another carbon copy of the other OutFits (however those who really shop both stores will tell you that they are indeed different as the Castro street location focuses on shoes, accessories and has a large clearance section, and out 18th street location is a more fancy, going out and dressing up store where customers enjoy more of a 1 on 1 shopping personal experience with our sales staff). So we hope that you will all be excited to know that the new concept and new name will indeed be something largely different that what’s existing. PS I encourage all of you to sign up for our email list where you can RSVP for our grand opening fashion – show – cocktail party! Visit

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