64 apartments planned for old Home location

2100 Market Street Apartment Rendering (Brian Spiers Development/Design by Arquitectonia)

SocketSite is reporting via San Francisco Business Times that Linea developer Brian Spiers is submitting plans to the city to raze the old Home location (2100 Market Street) to make way for a 64-unit apartment building with 4,700 square feet of ground floor retail.

Apartment floor plans will range from 500-1,000 square feet with mostly 2-bedroom layouts. The remainder of the units will be studios and one-bedrooms.

Speirs negotiated a ground lease with the property owner in order to acquire the land to build on. Ground lease terms are typically negotiated at 50-99 years lengths to enable the lessee to recoup their initial development investment cost. That means the original owner still owns the land, but Spiers will be able to develop on it and keep income that is earned from renting out the apartments.

Right now the project is just in a planning stage, but Spiers is optimistic he will be able to break ground within the next couple of years. We’ll keep an eye out for any movement on approvals from city planners.

Roy McKenzie

Roy has been a Castro resident since 2010 and is passionate about drag queens, bicycling, and food. Follow his babbling on Twitter.

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19 Responses

  1. Matthew says:

    (I know I am asking for it with this one…)

    I hope Starbucks and Chipotle get in as one of the retail spots.

    He he

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  2. Frank says:

    It’s certainly an improvement over the rats nest that exists there currently. Although all these new buildings all kind of look alike.

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  3. Sanchez Resident says:

    BMR units on site or will developer pay into City housing fund? DTNA will demand on site before they bless the project.

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    • I would think if anything, DTNA would demand offsite BMR.

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      • Not necessarily. They fought for onsite BMR with the 2198 development (the Linea sales office next to Cafe Du Nord) because of concerns about loosing economic diversity.

        It could depend where the potential off-site BMR housing would end up. With the Linea development this developer built offsite housing just down Market Street at Franklin (by Zuni) which seems like it’s also a win for the developer because it adds more street-level retail space.

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  4. Marilyn Andres says:

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    • I don’t see any evidence that he had anything to do with this (other than pushing through the general up-zoning of upper market, which was a great change and long overdue).

      And even if he had: so what?

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  5. MoFoPlz says:

    The City should develop affordable housing on this site w/all the funds collected from the other million dollar condo builds who contributed to Housing Fund rather than have BMR units w/in their new builds.

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  6. rblack says:

    They need to do away with the ‘fund’ and just require every new build over X units to include X% BMR units.

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    • Sanchez Resident says:

      The developer (Brian Spiers) did build a structure at 1600 Market that is all BMR units. The 1600 Market building statisfied the requirement for the 8 Buchanan (Linea) project. I haven’t seen any information on the BMR action for the 2100 Market site. It could be that the entire project will be BMR since the developer has done this before.

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    • rblack says:

      Do you have a point?

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        • rblack says:

          Thanks for clarifying. I don’t agree with you, I don’t think Wiener is the boogyman so many seem to think he is.

          However, I now understand where you’re coming from.

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  8. Sanchez Resident says:

    I walked by the site today. On 14th Street, Cybelle’s Pizza and George’s Laudromat are one story buildings. I wonder if these two businesses are part of the parcel that will potentially be developed by Brian Spier. Anyone have any idea if the project would include the demolition of this structure?

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  9. RW says:

    San Francisco is one of the most architecturally unique cities in the world, with its wealth of beautiful 19th and early 20th century buildings made of wood, stone and brick. Even a few years ago, some condo designs attempted to harmonize with the existing citiscape. That aesthetic is currently being thrown out the window in favor of “starchitecture”–big, ugly buildings made of concrete, glass and aluminum that primarily stroke the architect’s ego, are “modern” for their own sake, and appeal to a suburban/bourgeois sensibility. San Francisco is not L.A., but soon will look like it!

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  10. justin says:

    I keep trying to like these new buildings, I really do. but…

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  11. Icarus says:

    I’m a little puzzled why he’s trying to negotiate 50 to 90 year ground lease rather than just buying the land outright?

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