First Castro Cash Mob this Thursday


We reported this past weekend that businesses in the Castro have been seeing a significant drop in sales since the construction on the Castro’s new streetscape began in March and some are worried they may have to shut their doors. Everyone pretty much agrees that this was inevitable and businesses will reap the benefits of the larger sidewalks come this Fall/Winter, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t make an effort to spend a little more of our cash in the Castro to help out local businesses that are hurting.

In this past Saturday’s blog post I suggested we create something called a “Castro Cash Mob” that would bring a group of people into a specific business to help raise awareness of local businesses in the Castro and hopefully encourage folks to do some shopping at other nearby businesses as well.

After hearing a lot of feedback on the idea, I think we do something like this: We’ll choose a meeting spot each week for the rest of the month of May in the form of a business that our readers have commented, emailed or Facebooked us about that is having a difficult time and could use the support (bonus points to businesses that are giving back to the community in some way). $20 in hand, we’ll all head over there between 6:30PM and 7:30PM on Thursday afternoon, check out the goods, and hopefully buy something. If you aren’t a fan of the businesses product (food, clothing, etc.), you can still participate by heading to another Castro area business. The point is to head into the Castro at least one night a week and spend some coin at local shops.

This Thursday we’re going to make the first Castro Cash Mob hit on Gyro Xpress (499 Castro Street) at 6:30PM. Come on out and join us.


Roy McKenzie

Roy has been a Castro resident since 2010 and is passionate about politics, camping, and food. Follow his babbling on Twitter.

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12 Responses

  1. Joe says:

    This is gonna be fun. I look forward to seeing other Biscuit readers and poster. Hopefully we will all enjoy a glimpse at the lovely, popular and curvacious: Ms. Marilyn Andres.

    Roy, perhaps a reminder would be a good idea Thursday afternoon.

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  2. Mike Vanni says:

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    • I see your points. If it’s successful (people actually show up) perhaps we can continue doing it until the construction is finished! Just trying to help, Mike. Regardless, I hope you can make it out!

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    • So, you’re telling us all that you’ll be planning some “events” as well? Great! Be sure to update us once they’re planned.

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  3. Lee Mentley says:

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  4. Marilyn Andres says:

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    • Hey Mike, I was genuinely thankful for Joe’s comment above. I do down vote comment’s sometimes, but I only get one downvote just like everyone else on this blog and if your comments are getting hidden, it’s because many readers are downvoting your comments and not many readers are upvoting them. Check out our comment policy here. Also, I wasn’t aware that I’ve “lost so many readers.” At least I’ve still got you! Thanks for reading :)

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      • Joe says:

        I knew I was a fake. Don’t worry Roy, you still got me and I do my best to spread the word to other fake people I meet about the Biscuit.

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    • Mitch Mansfield says:

      OK One last post before I retire. Mike, I spoke with Paul Margolis and he understands why you are mad at him, but he felt it was best to tell you the truth. He was only trying to help. I really do feel for you. I hope you find bliss. We all deserve happiness.

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  5. Salazar says:

    Hey Roy, Perhaps some Visual Ad’s to get this going, make it fun visually! I can assist in this field if necessary. Suggesting ads, small posters – all over castro weekly to keep message on going and continuous.
    Let me know how I may help

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    • Salazar, I would love the help with that. Please email me and let me know what I can do to help get you started. I am obviously not a great marketer/graphic designer, so your help is very much appreciated! roy [at]

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