Espresso bar coming to ground floor of ICON building

ICON (photo: Spur/Sergio Ruiz/flickr)
ICON (photo: Spur/Sergio Ruiz/flickr)

A building permit was posted today in the window of one of the remaining vacant ground floor retail spaces in the ICON building (2299 Market Street). The permit calls for tenant improvements to suite A including the addition of plumbing fixtures and lighting for a proposed “limited-restaurant / espresso bar.”

We reported a few months back that Dermalogica moved into one of the vacant retail spaces, so that leaves one last retail space still vacant. According to the Duboce Triangle Neighborhood Association newsletter, the remaining retail space has been leased, but no word as of yet regarding who the occupant will be.

The permit expires July 9th, so we should be seeing the espresso shop opening up around July/August.

Roy McKenzie

Roy has been a Castro resident since 2010 and is passionate about drag queens, bicycling, and food. Follow his babbling on Twitter.

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10 Responses

  1. sjg says:

    Because so many coffee places have opened (or coming soon), I have run out of snarky comments to make about them. It’s just become very bland in the Castro, very sad actually.

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    • Sanchez Resident says:

      sjg – Have you considered opening your own small business in the Castro? I see coffee shops as the bars of the 21st century. If every coffee shop that opened would have opened as a bar would have the same comments?

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      • sjg says:

        I actually was directly involved in selecting the location, negotiating the lease terms, and the opening of a store that still is in business in the Castro and is quite successful (hint:.sells sunglasses and has been there for over a decade) My career has been in store planning and development for large corporations as well as smaller growing companies. I also consult single store locations looking to expand.. Too many bars would be a problem as well. To be a shopping success, there needs to be an assortment of stores not more food/coffee establishments. This coffee place will have their work cut out for them. Weaver’s on the opposite corner will have better visibility and seating options.

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  2. Joe says:

    Like t-shirts on Fisherman’s Wharf, designer clothing on Filmore, trendy restaurants on Valencia, or strip clubs on Broadway business people are always looking for opportunity and to make a profit. if one business is making money, maybe there is more to be made. In the end, you get what you support. Don’t like Starbucks, Eureka!, Castro Bean, Weaver, Hearth, Peets, Phil’z, Cafe Flore, Spike’s, Cafe La Taza, Sweet Inspiration, Castro Tarts, Castro Country Club or Reveille,(help me out folks, who I’m I missing??) maybe this place will be for you. If enough people feel the same, it will thrive. I wish them much success.

    That said, I wish we had a store that sold dildos, poppers and porn.

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  3. Matthew says:

    The Castro has been overly caffinated.

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  4. rblack says:

    What else could it be? Any ideas on a business other than a coffee shop/restaurant that would do better in this site?

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    • sjg says:

      It could sell jewelry, or local art, perhaps underwear, etc.. There are many options aside from coffee

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      • sjg says:

        There could be place that sells home accessories, or something that creates more of a shopping district not a food court

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  1. August 4, 2014

    […] It looks like the final retail space for the ICON building (2299 Market Street) at the corner of Market, 16th, and Noe has been leased. The new tenant will be a candy shop doing business as Giddy Candy Company. A building permit was granted for the space last month which includes installing sinks, lighting, and shelving for the sweet treats soon to come. The space was the last of four spaces for lease at the ground floor of the condo build that went up just about a year ago. The other tenants currently include Bank of the West, Dermalogica, and an upcoming espresso bar. […]

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