Look at these photos of the repaved Castro Street

Freshly paved Castro Street (photo: Steven Bracco)
Freshly paved Castro Street (photo: Steven Bracco)

With a little over two weeks left to wrap up Castro’s sidewalks and streets before a hard stop for Pride, construction crews finished laying down new pavement up and down Castro Street between Market Street and 19th. The sidewalks also appear to be nearly completed, however, the sidewalk curb area at the four corners of the intersection at 18th and Castro look of somewhat low quality (see last photo). I emailed Supervisor Scott Wiener and Castro Community Benefit District Executive Director Andrea Aiello to get details on whether they are temporary pours or not. We’ll let you know what we find out!

Check out some of the photos folks snapped and shared of the newly paved Castro Street on Twitter

In the photo below you can see that the concrete poured on the corner of 18th and Castro (near Gyro Xpress) is of a different material than the concrete poured on the sidewalks up and down Castro Street appear to be. The tree also appears to be sealed in by concrete!

via Steven Bracco

Roy McKenzie

Roy has been a Castro resident since 2010 and is passionate about drag queens, bicycling, and food. Follow his babbling on Twitter.

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12 Responses

  1. The temporary fill is pretty obvious and is just there until the new utilities and signal lights are installed and the old ones decommissioned so they can put in the real stuff.

    The two-tile fills running up and down are where the trees are going to go after pride (they wouldn’t have time to root) and the single squares in the middle of the street are where the plaques are going to go.

    The Castro Theatre will keep the decorative brickwork, but it’ll all be done at once (haven’t found out if that will be before or after pride)

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  2. Much of what they’re doing is typical: temporary fill so people can get around, and around the old utility boxes and poles that can’t be decommissioned, removed, and given the nice paving until the new ones are up.

    Much of what I’ve heard is second hand from merchant friends who are keeping close tabs on things and when they haven’t been busy I’ve asked project managers “What’s up?”

    The rainbow honor walk plaques are a guess based on the plans and renderings. It’s kind of a game I’ve been playing: what’s going in that whole?

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  3. Castro Resident says:

    It does look great, and the finished product should be even better (except for the goofy rainbow crosswalks that are, in this reader’s view, a complete waste of capital and not additive). The one glaring disappointment is that there is still a pinch-point in front of Walgreens. I think they should remove the newspaper kiosk and create more space at the very least.

    The glaring question for me is how this is all going to be maintained. If the leaking trash cans are still put out, and the homeless still encamp, and storeowners do not take care of their storefronts properly (etc) I think we will be back to the “old” Castro Street before year’s end.

    Further, let’s cut the crap and let retailers who provide a service and are willing to pay the landlord’s rent occupy space without endless debate. As I have said many times, the best was to shape the mix of retail is to vote with your dollars. In that way, the retailers that we want will thrive, and those that we do not won’t. For example, that there is still a dialogue going on about Hamburger Marys is beyond me.

    I am hopeful that this will be a renaissance.

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    • Sanchez Resident says:

      Pat – please wait for a nice hot day. Let that new black top get very hot before you sit.

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  5. Patrick W. says:

    Why in the world did they not carve a bus zone into both sides of Castro @ Market? That’s going to be a nightmare of traffic jams.

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  6. SFpark Ripoff says:

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    • Joe says:

      WOW, you sure are angry.
      The idea was to calm the traffic. Let Castro Street become more village and community centered and not car centered. Drivers can always find another route.

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      • Drivers are people says:

        Calm the traffic? With (properly named) traffic irritating devices (and new gnat racks)?

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  7. Matthew says:

    I hope I’m not the only one, but I tripped over the “ramp” from the old sidewalk to the new one and landed smack on my face. I hadn’t even been drinking. I walked outside of Cliff’s and tripped going to the new part.


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  8. Old-timer says:

    Funny, but the Castro became a meeting place and a community with the old sidewalks. What it didn’t have was Scott Wiener running around policing nudity and making the neighborhood safe for strollers. The current effort doesn’t honor the past as much as it sanitizes it.

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