Fences coming down around new Castro Street

Fences down on westside of Castro Street (photo: Eureka Cafe)
Fences down on westside of Castro Street (photo: Eureka Cafe)

An email update went out this morning from the CastroStreet.org website letting people know that crews are starting to remove the chain link fence in the 400-block of Castro Street (between Market and 18th).

Crews have begun removing the chain link fence surrounding the newly poured sidewalks on the 400 block of Castro. The fence will remain in place on the 500 block since crews are still pouring sidewalk on that block. We will remove the fence on the 500 block once we’ve wrapped up our current scope of sidewalk work.

Thank you for your continued patience during construction.

I also heard back from the Andrea Aiello, Executive Director at the Castro Community Benefit District regarding the low quality sidewalk/curb pours at the corners of Castro and 18th. Andrea connected me with the Department of Public Works project engineer, Ashley Hall, who mentioned that the low quality pours are indeed only temporary and will be demolished and replaced after Pride.

Eureka Cafe posted a photo of the cleared sidewalk on the westside of Castro Street this morning on Twitter:

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4 Responses

  1. wylen says:

    We were walking up and down Castro last night and it took about half an hour to figure out what was missing. The only tree left between 18th and 19th is in front of Anchor Oyster, are trees planned to return in the new sidewalk design? Also, how did Anchor Oyster’s tree survive?

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    • Hey there! From what I was told, the trees will be placed after Pride. I don’t think Department of Public works wanted to see newly planted trees damaged during Pride celebrations. Not sure why the tree outside Anchor Oyster or on 18th Street in front go Gyro Xpress got to stay, but glad they could accommodate them.

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  2. wylen says:

    Thanks for the info. I hoped that was what was going on.

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  1. June 13, 2014

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