Home invasion at Castro and 19th


Reporter Nick Smith over at ABC7 News reported a break-in home invasion at a residence near 19th and Castro this morning around 1:30AM. The perp, who got away with a bag of electronics after threatening the couple that he had a gun, is reported to have gained access to the residence through the mail slot on the front door. Investigators tried to track the suspect using one of the stolen electronic devices’ location features but lost the trail.

Investigators are not sure if the act was targeted or if it was a hot prowl (breaking into a home without knowing if it’s occupied).

The couple left with SFPD investigators early this morning to answer questions.

If you have any details, please contact the Mission Police Station at (415) 558-5400.

Roy McKenzie

Roy has been a Castro resident since 2010 and is passionate about politics, camping, and food. Follow his babbling on Twitter.

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    • Homosexuals have to come to terms with the fact that every tidbit of information they receive doesn’t require a sassy quip. it’s not clever, nor is it your duty as a gay man. Some of us have that ability and the rest of us don’t. Find a role that fits you and leave being an ass to the professionals.

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  2. Peter says:

    Shorter version: “Someone’s getting more attention me, and I don’t LIKE it! Waaaa!”

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  3. Peter says:

    *than me

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  4. Icarus says:

    I live on Castro & 19th. How scary! Glad the couple who were robbed weren’t harmed (I’m assuming that would have been reported if they had been). Hope this perp isn’t planning on going door-to-door. :(

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