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Crime roundup: 4 Robberies, 1 Burglary, 1 Stabbing

This past weekend was a busy one for criminals in the Castro area with more than a handful of acts of criminal activity including four robberies, one burglary, and one stabbing. Starting Thursday night: Around 10PM, the victim, a white male in his 30′s, was on his phone near the...

MUNI signage supporting Equality. Photo: MUNI Diaries 30

MUNI Changes and More Rainbows Ahead for the Castro

The Municipal Transportation Agency (MUNI) is proposing a re-work of transit lines serving the Castro and SF in general. The plan, known as the Transit Effectiveness Project (TEP), is the first major overhaul of bus lines since the 70′s when disco and clones ruled the neighborhood. TEP’s goals-according to the...

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New $nag Hits Potential Castro New Build

As we posted in June, the proposed new build to be erected atop the Arco Gas station (376 Castro) at the corner of Market and Castro Street designed by architect Mitchell Benjamin has met all the requirements of City officials and been given the green light by local neighborhood groups. Now the...