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Car crashes into Cliff’s Variety

Well Pride weekend went off without major incidents in the Castro this year, that is, until this morning around 5AM. A driver of a black Mercedes Benz heading southbound on Castro crossed the lanes, smashed into a stationary concrete trash can and slammed into the side of Cliff’s Variety Store...

1948 in the Castro as the Costume Parade begins. Photo: Cliff's Variety Store Website 9

Halloween in the Castro: Then & Now

THEN:¬†The traditional Castro Halloween street party was first established in 1946 by Cliff’s Variety Store owner, Ernie DeBaca, who decided to hold a costume contest for the local children. The kids came dressed in mostly DIY outfits and with items purchased from his all purpose store. They assembled in front...

Protestor's singing inside Cliff's Variety Store 34

VIDEO: Protestors invade Cliff’s Variety Store

Store employees at Cliff’s Variety had a heck of a time kicking out protestors December 24th according to a video recorded by YouTuber and local videographer Peter Menchini. In the video a group of 12 or so folks take over the¬†accessories aisle where the product SodaStream is located. The protestors,...