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Lady Bunny in "Clown Syndrome" (photo: Lady Bunny archives) 0

INTERVIEW: The Lady Bunny brings “Clown Syndrome” to Rebel

For three decades now, the inimitable Lady Bunny has been making crowds squeal with her bawdy blend of cringe-worthy humor and song parodies. You can be sure that no celebrity worth their weight in gossip rags is safe from her flawlessly (falsely?)-lashed gaze and acerbic wit. One is hard-pressed to...

Lady Bunny 2

Chatting Up the Legendary Lady Bunny

America’s drag version of royalty, Lady Bunny, is in town this week pulling out all the stops at a couple of different gigs around the Castro and the City. She’ll be working the decks as guest DJ Wednesday, July 31st at Joshua J’s and Juanita MORE’s beat banging Booty Call...