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Nude Dude at Jane Warner Plaza-NOT Richard Serra 7

Castro Nudist Trial Arrested Pre Wiener Ban Ends in Acquittal

The three-day trial of 48-year-old Richard Serra, a self-described ‘novice’ naturist, arrested amidst his first ever public disrobing for alleged public masturbation was found ‘not guilty’ after a single day of deliberation by a jury of his peers. It all started on a brisk, but sunny, pre current nudity ban┬áNovember...

Castro News Rack #133 6

RIP News Rack #133. You will not be missed.

Thanks to the work of local merchants, the Castro/Upper Market Community Benefit District, and local activists working together the news rack located in front of the entrance to the Castro MUNI station will be removed Monday at 6:30AM. Those fond of these news racks should not fret as there is...