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Freshly paved Castro Street (photo: Steven Bracco) 12

Look at these photos of the repaved Castro Street

With a little over two weeks left to wrap up Castro’s sidewalks and streets before a hard stop for Pride, construction crews finished laying down new pavement up and down Castro Street between Market Street and 19th. The sidewalks also appear to be nearly completed, however, the sidewalk curb area...

How the redesign may look once completed. Castro a haven for all pedestrians. 6

City Moving Forward With Plan to Widen Castro’s Sidewalks

The Castro’s sidewalks are crammed. Pedestrians, bikes, late night revelers, double wide strollers, dog walkers and their charges, skateboards, garbage cans, piled cardboard, all jostling for room in an ever shrinking finite space. To help alleviate the bottlenecking SF Planning Department has developed plans to widen the sidewalks and install other...

Castro News Rack #133 6

RIP News Rack #133. You will not be missed.

Thanks to the work of local merchants, the Castro/Upper Market Community Benefit District, and local activists working together the news rack located in front of the entrance to the Castro MUNI station will be removed Monday at 6:30AM. Those fond of these news racks should not fret as there is...